“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” — Elliott Erwitt


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Four Piggies In Wet Blankets.

No beautiful sunrise, no beautiful sunset...just a lot of misty rain all day long.
Not in a picture taking mood when it gets like this.

Had to throw some hay down from the loft.  I have another pile of 2nd cutting grass that is half the size of this one and  hope I can make it to June.
 No sooner did we feed the girls (even under the shed roof and in the indoor) when it started to rain.  They chose to go out in the snow.
Karen and I picked a lot of manure that had been hidden and cleaned around the gates so they can be closed when it melts a little more.  Will leave the big pasture open and close off the two grass paddocks and outdoor arena so they don't get punched up.

 You can see how wet the horses were.

 Of course Abbe and Berlin had to roll and grind in as much footing as possible.  Can't do a thing until they dry off.

 Ran a couple of errands and spent a lazy afternoon in front of the fire.
Chores at 6.  Before I went out, we enjoyed our takeout BBQued Chicken dinners.  It was a fundraiser for the local High School hockey team.

As you can see, the snow is disappearing in the front paddock.  Whenever I do chores I spread it out so it melts faster.  Very glad most of it is covered with hay so the girls don't slip on the ice.
 I sure hope we don't need those shovels again!

Night all.
Get a load of Ariana and her other Grandmother, Vedrana.
They are going to a wedding in New York City.
She is so grown up!!! (and very tall).


  1. I know the feeling about not wanting to take photos in the weather we've been having -- But as always, you have taken a good series of them! Despite the weather, I hope today has also been an enjoyable day!

  2. I am so glad the weather is warming a little. I would be so paranoid about the ice if I had a horse here - in England we don't have the adverse weather so much and as such if there is even a sprinkling of snow horses tend to stay in! Now I feel they are so over protective!

  3. You almost have bare ground! I'm so jealous. The snow is still up to Tessa's belly here.

    I hope your hay holds out, I hat having to worry about that.

  4. We recently had a delivery of hay. It usually lasts until the Spring but not this year. Foggy and misty here with rain too. But at least the snow is melting. Ariana is a beautiful girl.

  5. Love that kitty on the post. Mice beware!


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