Friday, March 27, 2015

At The Hop


 After chores I was ready for a nap.  What the heck!

At noon, Bill and Millie arrived and we were off to the Chili Senior Center for another performance.
After our warm up,
 we sang for their chorus
 and then they sang for us.
 This Center has great energy and everyone was very welcoming.
 These people really have a lot of fun when they sing...
 it kept a smile on my face.

When they sang "At the Hop," two of our chorus members got up and danced.  Fun.
 Mary Anne Sears (the Center director), has been highly recognized for the work she has done here and it shows.

 These two murals are located across from each other...they are huge.
 After being served some excellent homemade brownies, we headed for home.

It was cold all day and the snow was spitting off and on.
Chores before dinner tonight.

 Tucked the girls in for the night and was ready for dinner.
 Organic chicken with caramelized onions and carrots...
 a green salad
 and brown rice.
 Time to veg.
Night all.


  1. Looks like a fun time with chorus. Not so much with the weather though.

  2. That brings back many memories of dance times down here. What a wonderful group.

  3. ....and more snow! Chorus looked great fun and I love that a couple got up and danced, terrific :-)

  4. Oh thank you for looks like you had a wonderful time.

  5. I guess spring is going to come suddenly and all-in-a-beautiful-rush. . .!


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