Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another Lazy Day

 Very drab out there for 80% of the day.  We even had a few snow flakes.

 After chores I made a loaf of bread...this time light whole wheat.  It turned out well
 and we had some for our simple supper.  Egg salad sandwiches (thanks to Shamra's 24 chickens) and roasted potatoes.
 A little before 5 the sun appeared and we had a couple hours of melting.
The windmill was peaceful.

 This light was coming from the west windows on the other side of the house.
 The sun is so much stronger now.
 Tucked the girls in at 7.

 It was still light when I got back to the house.

Really enjoying not being out there in the dark.
 Night all.


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