Monday, January 5, 2015

The Gucci Saga Continues

 Last night Gucci spent part of the time relaxing near me, but it ended up being a very long night.  Everytime I let her out I had to put my hat and coat on to see if she went to the bathroom.
This morning she refused to eat before I went to do chores.
 Positively frigid with high winds.

 The girls ended up wearing their heavy Rambos.

 When I got back in the house, Gucci was resting in a sun ray.

 Once again she started straining and ended up back at the Animal Hospital.
The Doc put her through the same thing as yesterday, and found a spot in her intestine that was as hard as a rock.  Eventually he was able to break most of it up and kept an eye on her until 5, when she came back home.  She immediately ate and is now resting.  I won't be happy until she is functioning normally.

Chores early.  SO BITTER!

Gary warmed up some spags and made a salad for dinner.
Time to get out by the fire.
Night all.
I sure hope I can get some sleep.


  1. Hopefully that was the last piece. Poor little puppers. Wishing you a good nights sleep

  2. I hope this last trip to the vet did the trick. Bitter and windy here too. Feel better.

  3. Oh dear, that is what in people might be called an "impacted bowel" and is not nice at all!!! How can you explain all the unpleasant procedures to your wee girl, I do hope this is the last. Looks mighty cold, maybe some sleep tonight will help everyone. Hugs to all, Jean,

  4. You have had a tough go of it lately. I hope you and Gucci are both fully recovered very soon!

  5. Oh I hope she feels better. Bitter stuff coming out way tonight and very nasty on Wednesday.
    Keep us updated.
    I think I need a Rambo coat!
    How are you doing?

  6. My heart goes out to your wee baby girl doggy. My sons have gone that avenue.

    What a time for her to feel that way and you having to go out.

  7. carolann. My wee baby doggy made it through the night without so much stress and this morning she seems to be comfortable. I'm hoping that the worst part is over.

  8. Oh Gucci we are thinking of you ever day and sending lots of good vibes. Eat boiled chicken and white rice it's gentle on the belly
    Lily & Edward

  9. We do hope that Gucci is soon better. It's horrid when animals, or tiny children feel unwell and can't tell us what or where the trouble is

  10. Best wishes for Gucci to be all better soon and you too, the crud is horrid, we have it too:)

  11. I saw your update on Facebook. What kind of bone was this? I will check back for a reply.

  12. ps Tess ate a stuffed animal once and I really did think she was going to die. I sympathized with you all the way.

  13. I hope both you and Gucci are on the mend, Lori. It's bitter cold here in Boston this week. I can only imagine what you'll be going through if it's as windy there as it will be here tomorrow. Stay warm.

  14. Shelley,
    Today Gucci and I both seem to have improved. Now if we can just keep going in the right direction. Our weather is turning frigid and I'm not happy about it...but, no choice. Just hope it does not last too long.

  15. I do hope you get some sleep. Gucci will no doubt be back to normal very soon.


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