Monday, July 28, 2014


I wish I could send some of this water out to Oak Creek Ranch to make sure the wildfires don't get close to their place.
It poured all night and most of today.  Ended up putting the horses back in by 11.
 At 12:30, picked up my friend Sue B., who I have not seen in years, and we went down to the Depot for lunch.

 It was great to catch up after all this time.
 When we got back I went out to the barn to check out her horses.  What a beautiful setup.  Their run-in is the size of a small indoor and they can go into pastures front and back.
 Today they were happy to be out of the rain.
 Passed this cute little playhouse on my way home.
 Put the horses out at 3...the pastures were full of water.

 Gary brought home some peaches from a friend's farm the other day and they were ready to be eaten ...
 so I made a peach tart.

 Simple dinner.  Veggie burgers, salad and corn on the cob.
 The peaches were so sweet.
 By the time I went out to do evening chores the sky started to lighten up.
 This is how much it rained since last night.

 Tucked the girls in...the barn was very comfortable.  Around 2 it was only 58 degrees.

 Took a few shots in the dark before going back in the house.

Night all.

By the way, things are still jumping in Las Vegas.

 I wonder if they are having fun yet.


  1. Yes, please do send us some of that rain! We still have August, September and October to get through until we get some here.

  2. Hi Lori,we could also do with some rain here,your horses are looking very well!

  3. We sure do need rain out here. This weather is nutty
    Lily & Edward

  4. Hooray for rain! Fantastic barn!

  5. I'm guessing Abbe will get the mud treatment at the spa.
    Sue sure has a nice setup.


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