Tuesday, July 15, 2014

No Nap Today


Woke up to a torrential downpour.
 Fortunately it did not last all day.
 By the time class started it was very muggy.
Everyone was progressing today.

 Of course there was spinach picking before they left.
 Then at 2pm, there was a meeting here that lasted until 4:30.  Trying to get some information together before speaking at a Town Board meeting next week.

Had just enough time to shower and get down to the Seymour Library to discuss ideas for the Duryea Room....which is where are the art shows are held.  It's going to be beautiful when it is completed.

 Homemade pizza for dinner.

 Went out to tuck the girls in after we ate.

 The sunset was gorgeous.

 With all this rain the gardens have been shooting up like crazy.  This one has glads, sunflowers, corn and acorn squash.
 At the other end we have cosmos, dahlias, more lettuce was just planted and blueberries.

 Out of control!
Night all.

I just checked in with Las Vegas.  Stephanie and the 4 grands got in late, but in spite of the 3 hour hold up in Philly due to weather conditions, they got there safely.  I'm hoping they will remember to send me a couple of pictures each day.


  1. Ditto what thecrazysheeplady said!

  2. Your gardens put me to SHAME. I've barely done any gardening this year. Which of course has turned out to be the perfect summer. Oh well.


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