Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Is There Such A Thing As A Groove?


 After chores I went down to Agape and have started stepping up my minutes on each piece of equipment.  Still doing all aerobic...bike, elliptical and treadmill.  I get plenty of that other kind of exercise right here.
 Gary brought home a few blueberries from a friend.  We added ours, strawberries, raspberries and black berries and I made another rustic pie.

He picked all kinds of things from the gardens.  We just picked zucchini yesterday and there must have been at least six more ready today.  They get too big too fast.  Also grabbed an entire basket of peppers and 6 or 7 cucumbers. 
 Needed dill to help flavor the cucumbers....made a big batch that I will keep in the frig.

 Was preoccupied this afternoon and did not get in any reading.  What happened to my groove?
Managed to make mac salad for dinner.

 Randy brought us some leaf lettuce, so I made a side salad topped with tomatoes and our peppers.
We have quite a few veggie meals each week.
 Chores after dinner.  The temperature dropped from a very muggy 80 degrees down to a cool high 60s.  We did have some rain earlier and tomorrow should be in the 70s and comfy.

 Seymour and Sidney join me almost every night.

Night all.

The reporter from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle did a great job with coverage from our Town Board meeting last night... really appreciated the article in the paper this morning. I was also  on the news (Time Warner) every hour all day long.  Hopefully we will get some serious momentum going regarding the Senior Center.


  1. Your place looks so green compared to our "desert" landscape. Darn this drought! -- although dry is normal for this time of year. I have to try making a rustic pie -- looks so easy!

  2. A lovely day, and not too groovey at all. Superb garden goodies, and fruit pie, yummy. Cheers,Jean

  3. Good job for the Senior Center! We are cooled off here again for a bit. Love it.

  4. Good job for the Senior Center! We are cooled off here again for a bit. Love it.

  5. Glad to hear there's hope for the Senior Center.
    Love those veggie meals.


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