Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Carribean Cruise on the Erie Canal

It rained most of the night and it was still raining this morning.
The girls did not care and went about their grazing.
 Karen and I cleaned the stalls and loaded up the feed room with hay from the loft.

 The rain has provided an automatic watering system for the gardens.  Generally speaking, we only water a few times when we are starting new plants or seeds.  After that, they are on their own.

 "Sundays on the Canal" takes place at 1pm down at the Welcome Center.  Last week I took you along to the Garth Fagan Dance School Ensemble presentation and as it rained, we moved it over to the college dance department.  Today around 11 it was raining again and we got a back up venue in one of the local churches.  Jenny made the arrangements for us.  By 11:30 the conditions improved and we decided to hold it at the Welcome Center as planned.  Since I was already in Brockport Jenny and I went out to lunch....

 at Barber's,
 where we split a turkey ruben balboa.
 We got to the Welcome Center in time for Gary's introduction.
Alfred St. John and Paul Ferretty...the Trinidad & Tobago Steelband.
 "Hi Mom!"


Alfred and Paul were very personable and talented.
 Anyone who was standing, was moving to the music...including Jenny (who did not know I was doing this).

 Throughout the afternoon, boats kept arriving.  I'll bet they were surprised and thought this must be a pretty cool community.

Back to the farm around 2:30 and
checked out the gardens.

Tomorrow, I think I will make a tart out of all these berries and do a stir fry with the snow peas.
 Tonight we had a picnic.  Grilled Zwiegles, baked beans and an apple/carrot/craisin salad.
 After dinner I went out and called the girls in for theirs.

 (Trying to get some morning glories going)

That's a wrap. You are a real trooper if you made it to the end.
Night all.


  1. Imagine cruising down the canal, and suddenly entertainment, grand beyond what I can imagine. Superb garden, I can see that zucchini loaf any day now. Cheers,Jean.

  2. Oh, the bounty from the gardens!! Wow. And I love the banner pic of the tiger/day lily -- maybe you should blow this up to 8 x 10 and frame it . . . So beautiful.

  3. I've said it before - what a pretty town.


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