Sunday, April 13, 2014

How Does 81 Sound?

 I am loving these mild mornings.

 Feed me......

Karen spent some time brushing Angel and Maggie.

 The girls are spending a lot more time in the pasture now.  Too bad we could have snow on Tuesday night.  I'm really hoping it passes us by.

This is the first time I've caught Seymour and Sophie together in their porch condo.  They are not coming in the house much at all (which is good for a change).
 Today the minis were out with Finnegan across the street.  Hopefully the grass is not too much for them.
 Did a little more work in the gardens and then concentrated on the Studio.

 When we bought the farm over 33 years ago, there was an in ground pool and this was the pool house.  After 3 new liners and a major problem, we gave up and filled it in about 5 years ago (and I really miss it as I used to jump in with my clothes on after chores).  It would have been like starting from scratch and was way out of our price range, so now it's a little orchard.

Anyway, it's a modest little space and Gary has redone the ceiling, walls and windows.  No water and no serious heat, tho I have a little electric stove I can plug in to get the chill off.
 During class on Tuesday a local writer and his wife/photographer/very prominent artist...are coming up to observe the class and interview all of us.  They already photographed the art opening.
 When we repainted our living room and library I took down a lot of art work which is now being moved over to the studio.
 I made those felt banners for two different projects I participated in.  Both involved community art.  If you google them, you can find out what I was up to.
 For the heck of it, I hung a string hammock over the window.  Why not?
 Gary made my table out of a 4x8 piece of plywood (ha ha! it used to be our dining room table and was used for my art class before the studio was in gear).  I put a piece of plexi glass on it and have all kinds of photos underneath of student work or art related things.  The "centerpiece" is made of some weeds I dried out last summer.

It was so nice out, we ate dinner before chores.

 Of course my assistants joined me.

 Looking east....
 Looking west.

Right now, Gary is out in the Studio reading the Sunday paper.  There's a very nice (but old) sound system there and it is very peaceful...his evening hangout until it gets cold again.
Night all.


  1. Sunshine, and a really warm day. What a great visit you will have, very commendable indeed. And, I too, would be in the studio with paper and crosswords. Perfect place at any time. Cheers, Jean.

  2. His evening hangout sounds divine.

  3. Pasture is looking good without snow ~ and green !

  4. I loved hearing about the history of the studio. Pools are a lot of work. When the weather is hot, we do miss the pool we had at Aspen Meadows but we do not miss the maintenance and the electric bill.

  5. I'm so pleased that spring has sprung for you, Lori! And the pool house converted into your art class studio is beautiful! I love your four legged "chillen" enjoying the sunshine too. I look forward to hearing about the interview. Have a wonderful day! Jo

  6. Everything looks sunny and peaceful. Love the pool house turned studio. We had a. Pool in the last house and I do miss it. But you're right there's alot of maintenance involved.

  7. What a great series of shots.

  8. Ooh, so happy you are obviously enjoying spring! Everything looks gorgeous and I'm in love with your studio! I too am refusing to believe SNOW is forecast for early Wed here. Yesterday was spectacular and everyone's been out for lessons and shedding and I even planted pansies. Today there are gale force winds n gray skies. hrmf! ;-)
    Happy Spring!
    ps Merit's back in work and feeling sassy! Still a bit swollen and I expect more little setbacks, but Jack is thrilled. :-)

  9. Headed down to 23 here tonight. Just as everything is starting to bloom :-(. We'll cover what we can.


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