Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An Umbrella Day...

 Hello mudhole....It rained from morning until 5:30pm
 Fortunately it was not torrential.

 The girls spent part of the time under the shed roof.

Class at 10:30.  Deb T. returned after a long good to have her back.

 Tina was getting a portfolio together of her projects over the last 10 years and came across this collage made of torn tissue paper.  Have you ever tried it?

 Jean started on a colored pencil drawing of the fisherman.
 The dogs had an appointment with the groomer at 2.  Can you see the sweet face in the window?  Gucci watched me until I left.
 They should have had a clip weeks ago, but it was so darn cold I did not have the heart.

This was a lazy afternoon in front of the fire.  We got an estimate to have stone brought in for our driveway and that may be brought over tomorrow.  At the moment it's a mess.
It was still raining when I left to get the dogs, and on the way home (6pm) the sun appeared and everything was beautiful.

 Gary had Finn and Coop duty today and ate pizza with them as Jenny had a dinner meeting I did not cook.
Chores at 6:30.  My white pony is the supreme roller.

 Tucked the girls in by 7 and got back to the house.
 There is nothing better than the sun shining in through the windows.
Here are a couple of quick shots of Phoebe and Gucci.

 I'll have them model for me tomorrow.

Cool tomorrow, but in the 60s on Thursday.  I'll believe it when I feel it.
Night all.


  1. The pups look adorable as usual. Took my two to the groomers today too. Rained here all day and night yesterday. We've got some very impressive puddles or should I say lakes in the yard. Your sky looks beautiful once the sun came out.

  2. We have had rain, and this time are so thankful for a any/ all/ lots more, after just one night the grass is greening up. Stones for the driveway, sounds very practical. Cheers, Jean.

  3. Love the room pictured in your house, what a fabulous room!!

  4. I don't handle animal mud rolling very well! Barbie had a rolling fit this morning and I had to hose her down and then give her a bath and get to work in about 15 minutes. I'm glad it's finally starting to feel springlike at Skoog Farm!

  5. The sun streaming in that freshly painted room must be glorious! Your art students are very good!

  6. Goodbye snow, hello mud! Same here in Maine (we're back.) xx

  7. I don't see any snow in those photos. Yippee! The library looks very inviting.


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