Sunday, July 28, 2013

Very Fine Dining....


 Java for breakfast....

 Gary worked in the gardens and had duty at the Welcome Center.
I mowed the big pasture.

Put the girls in for their dinners....

And we were off to Hamlin for our monthly dinner with Ron, Ann, Brenda and Al.

 A pristine pond....
 and a beautiful home.

The surprise of the night was this book, given to me by Brenda (who used to be one of my students).
She had a watercolor published....congratulations are in order for this accomplishment.  Some of the very best watercolorists in the country were included.
 There's Brenda now!
 Ann always posts the menu for the evening.

(we raided the garden before we left and took both couples some veggies)

Time for dinner.

 The menu in pictures....

Who can stay awake after all that?
Night all.

Speaking of eating...it looks like all is going well in Cape Cod.
What a crew!


  1. Yummy to the n'th degree, and great family photo. Lovely flowers, the colours are brilliant. Cheers from Jean

  2. Lots and lots of good food to eat. And the photos are great.

  3. WOW! living the good life as usual I see.
    Congrats to Brenda on her published w.c.!

    & regarding your question about Long Beach, I heard on FB that they just reopened half of the boardwalk!!!
    ; )


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