Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Rain is Not in Spain...It's in Brockport

 Misty, foggy, clammy, muggy, buggy blah, blah, blah.
 We are on a roll here in Brockport.
 Abbe and Berlin don't want to leave the fan/run-in.

 Stephanie, Moon's farrier, was here this morning to trim her feet.
I really enjoyed meeting her.
 Out of the blue, Sally stopped up.  After we chatted I gave her some peas, spinach, chives and dill from the garden.  She loves being at the farm and we love having her.
 What we need is a few more daylilies.
 When I was in Gary's barn this afternoon I noticed this big red blossom and could not believe it.
The light is not good in there and he has had these Amarylis bulbs sitting in this pot for weeks and weeks.  Tomorrow they are getting planted!

 It's just about time to dig up the garlic.  Looks very good this year.
 During a sunny break I mowed a couple of pastures (of course I got rained on).
Thought I was going to have to put the girls in early as there were big storm warnings in the area.
But, it seemed to be alright after they were grained.

 Sidney had just finished an afternoon snack that he caught.  Nasty boy.

 The weatherman says that we are going to have 7 days with temperatures between 84 and 86 with a chance of rain everyday.  Something different.

When I make a (non) Saint Tim salad, from now on it will be referred to as a Saint Stephen Andrew salad, as he has no problem with fruit and vinegar.  Ha ha!!!!  How does that sound Sara?
 We had a great dinner tonight.  Organic chicken (grilled by Saint Gary), brown rice (organic), peas (organic) from the garden (tomorrow I am going to start freezing them) and a salad with spinach (organic), onion, orange, mango and banana (organic) with crumbly blue.  (By now Saint Tim must be gagging).  Fit for a King...maybe if Saint Tim was a King he might like it.
I hope all of you are tuned in to the GM situation as it relates to what you are eating.  It's almost impossible to be free of it the way anything with corn or soy has been modified and not labeled.  It's in everything from Coke to Bisquick.  How do you like your Round Up?  If these are such safe and healthy products, why are they fighting so hard to keep the labels off the food we eat?  A word to the wise....don't eat a lot of processed foods.
Leaving you with that happy thought...
Night all.


  1. That salad looks delish. We have one more day of weather in the 100s and then its supposed to drop into the 90s. Oh, happy day.

  2. Haha you know I think in the world of salads is the only place I have a hope of being canonized, so I'll take it! This summer really couldn't be more different from last summer, could it? Crazy! I saw a figure that trees in my area are at 206% above normal moisture for the year! I'm right there with you on the business of GM labeling. It's scary and maddening to me, especially considering the unclear information on seeds...what's GM, what's not, what could be.

  3. Stunning day lilies, they are great when planted in a mass. Lovely meal, and own grown veges, the best, that way you know what you have on your plate. Ditto down here. Greetings to all, Jean.

  4. We grow a lot of our food and that includes our meat.
    It is much better for us I think.

    I feel badly for those who are unable to do that.

    Love the rainy lilies.
    But I hope you don't get gully washers like we did a week ago. It will be a long time for some of our roads to get fixed.

    Tomorrow looks nice!

  5. So no more Saint Tim salads? Not to take St Steven's crown away... ;-).

  6. What a lovely series of shots. Looks like a good day.


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