Sunday, July 21, 2013

So Cool....

 Today's weather was energizing....loved it.

 After chores Gary, Ariana and I went to Brockport.

 I went to the market first....

 Then met them at Java for a bagel.
 Whenever a boat needs to pass through Brockport they have to raise the bridge...all traffic stops.
 Today I bought cherries, peaches and tomatoes.

  I spent part of the day mowing and Gary cut down several black walnut trees that have volunteered all over the south part of our property.
 Tucked the girls in for their evening feed and siesta.

 We were invited to Bonnie and Bill's for dinner.
Bill is the artist who produced all the sculpture you see around our property.
 Look familiar?
 A creek winds around their property....below is the prototype of the 18 foot sculpture we have at our Welcome Center (Howdeeeee).

 Below is a deck off their bedroom with a big awning that creates an amazing space...Bonnie's favorite place to read.
 Such a beautiful home.

 Gary, Bill and Ariana had to check out the property.

 We went into their computer room and there on the desk chair is a blanket I crocheted for their son 40!!!!!! years ago.  I could not believe it!  In perfect condition.  Love those funky colors I used.

 Sat out on the deck before stories.

Bonnie prepared a great meal.

 potato salad with Greek yogurt and fresh dill

 coleslaw (to go on the pulled pork)

 corn and bean salad.....
 A real feast.
 Forgot to take a picture of the homemade raspberry pie!

Before we left, had to check out Bill's studio.

The king of funk.
Night all.


  1. What a fun day. Mom loves the Farmers Markets
    Benny & Lily

  2. The studio, a dream place to be. Superb food, green lawn mowed perfectly, all in all a truly lovely day, thanks for sharing. Greetings to all, Jean.

  3. I've got a blanket a friend crocheted for me as a gift almost 25 years ago. It's always on my bed and still looks brand new. It's almost that colorful too:)

  4. Oh I LOVE those sculptures I LOVE funky. That blanket looks real good for 40 wish I aged that well:) Finally sleeping weather take care. Hugs B


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