Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The First Hard Frost

 By the time I went out to the barn at 7:30, we hit 35 degrees.  I put on a winter jacket, hat and gloves.

I don't know where the girls slept last night, but there was no manure in any of the barns.  

 Made a quick trip to the bank before class started.  Fortunately my little stove made it nice and cozy in the studio.

 This afternoon Gary started stacking wood under the shed roof.  It's going to take a few days.
No hurry.  We have not turned our heat on yet and have had fires in the kitchen stove for the past week.

 Gary had a 5 o'clock meeting and I went out to do chores.
 We hit the low 60s and it was a super fine day.

 Night all.

PS - Jenny sent me this picture so I could see how Cooper dressed for PJ day at school.
This outfit was his idea....totally.


  1. The frost on the grass is beautiful! We had a cool (43F) foggy morning and I loved it!

  2. Love pj day at school! Cooper's outfit rocks.

  3. Brrr!

    Your kids & kitties make me SMILE

    Aloha from Waikiki,

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. I like the PJ outfit! We are getting more frost as well. Gotta love fall!

  5. It looks like some o your flowers made it despite the freeze. I meant to tell you how nice your wood-burning stove is. It sure makes that end of your home toasty warm!

  6. Beautiful pictures. And beautiful farm.

    I like the cooler mornings, but they do sometimes cause me to want to stay under the blankets a bit longer. And so I didn't go out for a run this morning...hopefully I will return to routine tomorrow.

  7. Am always amazed how close your weather mimics ours sometimes. You have some pretty darned talented artists there and love seein the progress photos. What good horsie girls - no barn to muck out - I'd say you've trained them well...but we know. :) Fire is on our agenda too as soon as I can manage to get wood up to the house.

  8. I've been totally enjoying the fall weather but I can say I'm not ready for winter at all.

    Your pictures are beautiful and your grandson's outfit made me chuckle. I can so see one of my boys doing the same.

  9. Love the PJs and the hat! I can't believe you have frost. We're getting soaked with rain, but it's not very cold yet. I'm ready for some cozy nights by the fire.

  10. 35 degrees? Guess summer's over for sure. btw LOVE that banner shot w/ that sky.

  11. BR-R-R!
    Look at that concentration on your 'pupils' faces! Nice shots Lori.
    Stay warm and oh yes, I love those clematis blossoms!

  12. Gary's shed porch is so inviting. Looks like a lovely place to have morning coffee.


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