Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 It was raining when I went out to the barn.  Berlin was VERY lame this morning.  Gave her some bute with her grain, wrapped her front legs and turned them out to eat hay under the shed roof.
Cleaned the stalls and kept an eye on how she was moving.

 Even tho it was wet, she wanted to go out to the pasture...gimp and all.

 Class at 10.  Progress is being made.

 After lunch I took a bucket of hot water out to the tack room and called the horses in.  No sooner had I cleaned Berlin's feet and put her front left in a bath of Epsom Salts....she dumped it.
 Had to go back to the house to get more hot water.  (First, I had to sweep out what she had spilled).
 This time she stood there perfectly and almost fell asleep.
 Of course Abbe was there for support.
 I figured out a great way to keep her foot dry after the soaking was over.  
Dumped the water out of the rubber container, put in a towel and set her foot on it.  She did not have it resting on the wet floor (which would make my job much harder).  Packed her foot with an ichthomal mix, covered it with a baby diaper, put on an old tennis sockie, then a plastic bag, then duct tape.  This is how her boot looked in progress.
 Turned them back out and cleaned up the mess.  Fortunately it is a cement floor and I can
sweep the water out the sliding door.
 Meanwhile, it kept raining and they insisted on eating grass.  After that, they both rolled in the indoor.  Doesn't Abbe look divine?

Tucked them in early...Berlin's boot was still in place.
Dinner was chicken thighs with caramelized onions and carrots, mashed potatoes and coleslaw.
Time to hit the couch.
Night all.
I sure hope my pony is doing better in the morning.  Her stall was fluffed up to the max.


  1. i hope the morning brings better news.The carrots sound so tasty, I do mine in butter,brown sugar and fine chopped mint.Yummy. Greetings from Jean

  2. Poor Berlin. Abscesses are so painful, but at least they usually heal fast.

  3. I wrap the same way for an abscess, except for the tennis sock. Hadn't thought of that. Having her rest her foot on the towel was a brilliant idea. I hope it bursts and you both get some relief soon.

  4. awww... you are such a good caretaker. I'll say a prayer for Berlin.
    & yes, Abbe is divine!
    I hope you get a good rest tonight.
    it's raining here too btw.

  5. I do the same for a foot wrap or 'boot' that I may need for an abscess or hoof injury. Though I use vet wrap under the duct tape!
    Hope Berlin feels better soon!

    Wonderful photos. So sorry it has rained like that. We got 3" plus. Our paddocks were absolute muck, but we are short by about 8" this year.

  6. Oh I am so sorry about Berlin you are doing the best you can I hope that works.
    Class #10 is doing awesome I wish I was sitting in class #10 I would love to learn to draw or paint. Take care Hugs B

  7. That is a pretty ingenious boot there miss! Quite stylish too! :) Hope it works!

  8. Your barn looks so cozy and inviting. I think you need a few goats! Weeee!

  9. These boots are wonderful for soaking!


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