Friday, October 26, 2012


My friend Sara, better know as the crazysheeplady, started "Hug a Sheep Day" 3 years ago on behalf of Punkin, the sheep her blog is named after.  To learn more about it, click on Punkin's Patch in my side bar.  The photographs are beautiful and there will be many more after tomorrow's celebration.
Here's a quote from TODAY.com.......
"I grew up with horses and didn't know anything about how cool sheep were," Dunham told TODAY.com. "I ended up rescuing a day-old baby lamb about 20 years ago and have been hugging and sharing my sheep ever since."
That baby lamb, Dunham's first sheep named Punkin, remained by the shepherd's side until it passed away in 2004. The first Hug a Sheep Day took place three years ago on Punkin's birthday, Oct. 30. For the next two years, the day moved from Punkin's birthday to the last Saturday of the month.


  1. I've never thought that sheep had much of a personality until I started blogging and saw how endearing they are and what characters they can be--It makes me want one of my very own! But since I can't have one, I live vicariously through those that do, and will virtually hug one tomorrow!

    I hope you're doing well--Our weather is quickly changing, and I think we are both going to get it!

  2. I would love to hug Blossom, or any of the flock!


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