Friday, May 11, 2012


 Not sure of the temperature this morning, but it went below 40 last night.
 Clear as a bell.
 Did not wrap Abbe ...nothing seems to work.
 While I was doing a little dragging in the outdoor arena, Sally showed up and we picked her a
pail of rhubarb.  We are on major overload.
 Phoebe was poking around one of the weedy gardens.
 Next, our friend Al showed up with the cane he carved for me.  It is BEAUTIFUL!
 I managed to get in a short workout at Agapes and ran a couple of errands on the way home.
Picked up some shavings and Safe Choice so I should be good for over a month.

 It was so nice out, I decided to pick a couple of pastures.  The ponies came in to the front paddock for awhile.  See how Abbe stands....

 Gary spent the day working in the gardens.

 I made a second trip down to Country Max to pick up some more Abbe supplies.  
They were jammed with beautiful potted plants.

 Went out to do chores around 5:30.  Both dogs and three of the cats decided to join me.

 Jill stopped in today with a bag of cat food and I think Lily (above) went out and got in her car!
Chester was here too.  He looks great and I did not take a picture.
 When everything was ready, the horses (both) decided to run in....and I did not whistle.
 Put a gel like poultice on Abbe's leg and went back to the house to make dinner.
 and pasta with an Alfredo sauce....I added some chopped tomatoes that I sauteed the other day with some onions.  Kind of blushie.........
Yum.  I might as well chow now, as most of the people I have spoken to said they did not have much of an appetite for a couple of weeks after surgery.  Who knows....maybe I will drop some pounds.
Night all.


  1. It looks like it was a beautiful day.
    Good luck! Sending good vibes your way!

  2. With your cooking, who could not have an appetite? I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your willow tree. Loved the little video of the horses coming in.

  3. Abbe looked happy cantering in for dinner. Speaking of dinner... yours looks yum and very similar to what I am making for dinner. I don't remember Brett losing his appetite after the surgery. I know he couldn't wait to get home and eat my cooking -- hospital food is for the birds. I loved looking at your kitchen behind the beautiful cane. It looks like it would be a pleasure to cook there.

  4. Table for two, and if you will send your sexy white horse and pick me up.

  5. Fun, quick video. Musta been dinner time.

  6. I always develope a farm-size hunger looking at your plate of food! Yummm

  7. Need to borrow one of your cats - there's a mouse in the house!

  8. The cane is very beautiful. Congratulations to the artist !


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