Monday, May 7, 2012


 5:30am this morning.

 Being out 24/7 must make Abbe tired.  She took a snooze and it was only 8:15.  Did a little mowing around the indoor and was in the house before 9.
 At 11 I had a pre-op appointment with my Doctor.  The fish live in her office, which is downstairs from the massage therapist I go to.  Prior to that, I went to Agape so I was dressed in workout clothes (she didn't care).

Home for lunch, then the pups and I went back out for some errands.  My favorite model was at Wegmans.
 Back home...got organized for dinner.  It started to rain.
 Did chores, soaked Abbe's foot and out they went.

 Nothing exciting for dinner Roger....just veggie burgers and a couple of salads.
More pictures tomorrow.
Night all.

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