Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 Grey, grey, grey.....all day.  A high of 57.

 Finished up chores, moved 3 loads of brush out to the road for pickup,
took a shower and went down to the library to set up our art show.
 Look who was there...one of my favorite models.
 Got things set up in no time.

 Then we went up to the Golden Eagle for lunch.
 It was so nice to be there with a group of friends.
 Now I see why Gary goes to Java every morning to hang out with his pals.
 Next stop was the studio for class.

 Of course the girls kept us company.
 Round 10....got the house ready for the Food and Culture Class/Dinner.  About 40 students and guests arrived around 6:30.  It was a Greek/Mediteranean night.  A pasta salad with lamb, feta cheese, olives etc.
 A regular Greek salad.
 A cucumber/dill sauce with bread....and stuffed grape leaves (which I did not photograph well).

 Gary gave them a garden tour before we ate and discussed planting.

 He is going to donate a section of one of the gardens to the seeds and plants they brought.
 It was starting to get pretty dark when I went out to do chores.

 Tucked the girls in real fast....

and went back in to clean up after everyone left.
Phew!!!!! Another loonnnnie day tomorrow.
Night all.


  1. The food looks great. I had a Greek salad for dinner tonight too -- but mine was in the Atlanta airport waiting for my connecting flight to New Orleons. I would have preferred eating at your house!

  2. Great luck on your show! Once again...I don't see how you do it all...I would look like Phoebe after doing all of that. Plus getting your blog post in. That pasta salad looks and sounds delicious.

  3. Your girls crack me up - so glad to go out, so glad to come in!

  4. Lunch with the ladies is so nice. you should do it more often. I woudl enjoy that as well...missing a big gathering today...I have seeds to plant and a baseball program to print. Ahhh, one of these days I'll do lunch! lol :) Hope you enjoy your weekend.


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