Monday, May 21, 2012


 My knee it all it's beauty...I will spare you the stapples.
Today it was a blood draw and PT, which went very well.  6 new exercises to add to the mix.
Watched a movie, had many visitors.  Fresh eggs from Janice's chickens and a casserole from Louise.
 Madonna brought up a hanging planter that her grandson made and a
gourmet dinner!
 My pals really know about cooking good food.
 Gary did chores, then Jen came up later to do Abbe's leg.

 They had picture taking duty....our wild roses are starting to bloom.
 Lily was in and out today.
I forgot to tell you that I got a call from Paris yesterday!  That has never happened before!
My friend Judy and her husband were over there for business and are now going on a vacation.  Sure was surprised to be checked on from there.  Some amazing friends....
Thanks everybody!


  1. Oh MY!!!! Hope your knee mends real soon - but with all the good caretaking thats happening from all angles, maybe this knee vacay' is kind of a good deal...well, until you have to get up to find the 'facilities' !!!! :) Heal soon!

  2. That's a very impressive dinner you had there! Your friends are really spoiling you -- which is as it should be. Glad the PT is going well.

  3. So sorry to hear about your knee--do your PT religiously--it works wonders. Sounds like you have all kinds of great help--friends and family always help us get through, don't they? Take care. Mickie ;)

  4. Great pics, great meals, enjoy it all, looks like the other members of the family are getting lots of TLC as well.Lots of visitors, a wonderful way to pass the time, and hope the pain is on the way out.Cheers from Jean.p.s. you so deserve all the fuss, care, love and attention,so good you receive it now.

  5. I'm happy your knee goes better. Keep on recovering.
    Your friends are unlucky. It's been raining for several days in Paris. Hope it will stop soon.
    See you soon

  6. Oh that is good news. Having wonderful friends is the best.
    Take care and let the world take care of you.
    A call from Paris how cool. Hug B

  7. Your knee is beautiful. It does not appear swollen and you are very well surrounded ! All is okay !

  8. Great!! You're finally on your way to recovery- having the surgery over!
    Did you get one of those fantastic Ice machines that not only keep the effected area cool but palpate it too? It can used on horses as well.

    I adore your family and friends Lori. You've got goodies!
    Good for you doing your PT..it's the key to recovery!Hang in and don't over do it...my sissy tried to many a time.

  9. Knee looks good considering! How is Abby's leg doing - any improvements?

    That dinner looked AWESOME.

  10. Yay! Congratulations on getting that first session over and done with!
    That planter brought a big smile to my face.

  11. Glad your PT went well. It will get easier every time. When those staples come out your knee will feel better too. Great friends and great food will surely make you feel better.

  12. If you've got to be laid up, this is sure the way to do it!

  13. Happy to hear your PT went well. Hope you get better soon!!!

  14. So neat that your family is also doing pic-taking duty! So nice that so many are pitching in. We are beaming you healing vibes.

  15. I love the new header photo and all of the awesome photos of the kids (Adorable!). I'm glad PT went well and that you're doing better. :D


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