Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 Abbe was a real gimp this morning.
 I soaked her leg and then applied a furicine sweat for the day.  Also gave her 1/2 gram of bute.
When I got in, looked up some info on her injury...this could take a very long time.
 A little rainy and grey all day.
 Seymour jumped in the dryer as soon as I opened the door....silly cat.
I had great intentions about going to Agape and did not make it.  Had an 11 o'clock visit by HRC, regarding physical therapy at home, and just could not fit everything in.

Class arrived at 1:30.  There were 6 people here today.

 Everyone was busy.....
 except for Phoebe and Gucci.

 Did evening chores at 5:30.  Abbe was doing a little better...she was also filthy.

 We had our monthly dinner meeting with the Klines and the Cretneys.
 Brenda showed me several books by the illustrator in the article below.  I hope my students see this gorgeous example of his work.
 I was starving.  After a few appetizers, dinner was served.

 You would have loved it!
 And check out the dessert!  Wow.
 Brenda outdid herself.  She prepared everything but the salad and dessert.
 Tootsie Louise was her adorable self.
 Home by 9:30 and ready to hit the couch.
Night all.


  1. I went back to read about Abbe's injury, but couldn't find a post on it. What is going on?
    Dinner looked yummy!

  2. I'm sorry Abbe's injury is taking longer to heal, or even get her to a comfortable place.

    Dinner looks lovely!

  3. Your veggies look delicious. Sorry the girls are stuck at the farm on a grey day...the sunshine here is blinding!

  4. Hope Abbe heals quickly so it's one less thing to worry about next week.


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