Saturday, March 17, 2012


 At dawn we had some serious fog goin'.

 Gary helped me with chores and the girls were anxious to get out on the side pasture that they were kept off during the past week.
 The warmth has made the garlic grow like crazy.

 Sophie (and all the cats) are getting used to spending time on the back porch.  This morning I washed all their blankets.
 The sun finally broke through and the temperature went up to 71.  Jill came over to lounge Belle.
 She is such a beautiful girl.
 Phoebe and Gucci don't get quite as dirty these days...the mud is drying out and I actually dragged the front paddock.
 Got to drumming a little late.  Look at these techies.
 Khalid really gave us a workout.

It could not have been more beautiful when I got home.

 Invited Roger and Tina over for a Saint Paddy's Day dinner.  
Went out to do chores a little early, as they were arriving at 7.

 The sun was on it's way down when I got back to the house.
 I prepared corned beef with a brown sugar/mustard glaze, 
along with the usual cabbage/carrots/ onions.
 It was divine.
 Tina and Roger brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers....great subject matter.
 We also had fresh pumpernickel bread....
 along with extra sharp cheddar cheese and apples.  I love the combination with cabbage.
 Dessert was banana cream pie...something we all love.

 Another great evening with friends.

Night all.


  1. My garlic looks just like yours! We had corned beef for dinner as well - with a bourbon brown sugar glaze. Yum! Roasted potatoes and carrots for us -- no cabbage, Brett won't eat it. I'm glad you are enjoying the personal stories on my Hoofprints blog -- it's been an interesting and sometimes difficult series to write. Kinda painful stuff, some of it.

  2. Are you Irish? Just curious... it seems as if almost everyone I know was having some kind of party today... wondering if they are Irish or it was an excuse! LOL

    The flowers are beautiful...love the color.

    Oh the growing garlic make me so excited to see things sprouting in the dirt. How fun. k

    I think I may have Sophie groomed like Gucci is in this photo (except the girls want to keep the top pony tail...hummmmm).

  3. I can't believe this weather either. I already feel behind in my gardening chores. My peach tree is getting ready to bloom! The garlic that I got from Gary is looking great!! I only hope that freezing temps stay away at this point!

  4. Lori & Gary,
    Thank you for another fabulous meal. We always feel so lucky to get that coveted invitation to dinner at Skoog Farm. Everything was delicious, and we just finished our second piece of pie for breakfast. You sure know how to spoil your guests!
    Thanks again,
    Tina & Roger

  5. I love the little lights around your dining room. So inviting.
    Belle is such a pretty girl.


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