Sunday, November 6, 2011


My body wakes up according to light...
 It looked like this at 6:40 am and I could not sleep another minute.

 Now, the horses go for the hay nets before they end up in the pastures.  That tells me that the grass is not all that great, even if it is still green.
 My pals were with me.

 After chores I cut down a huge amount of bamboo that Gary was kind enough to move to our compost area near the lane.  Made tomato/cheese paninis for lunch.

Jen brought the boys up to the farm (watched the Buffalo Bills/Jets game) while she and I went out to do a lit drop.  With the election coming up, reminders have to get out to the voting public.  These kayaks gave me a chuckle as we went through an area of condos.

 I did the driving, she did the running.

When we got home, Finn and Coop were out of sight.

 For some reason, they get a kick out of hiding under the Rubber Maid wheelbarrow.

 Simple pleasures....
 Jen ended up racing Finn back to the house.
 Barb came over and picked up a couple of loads of hay today, and I went over to her place to take some photos.  Remember King Mustafa?
 This is his girlfriend Grace.
 Barb has given them the best retirement two horses could ever ask for.

 They can go in and out of their stalls whenever they want.  Grace decides who goes where.
 Barb got back with the second load of hay when I was almost finished shooting.
 I know one thing for sure, she works her butt off and loves these horses so much. I miss having her (and Mustafa) here at Skoog Farm.

Fortunately, Gary and Jen helped with dinner.  We planned to eat early and all I had to do was make some coleslaw when I got home.

Jen and Finn were throwing a football around before we ate.

Gary did dishes after we were finished and the rest of us went out to the barn.
 It takes me a couple of days to adjust to the time change.

Tucked the girls in around 5:40 and went in for the night.  It felt like 11pm and I was ready for a nap!
Gary had the radio blasting, and when some drumming came on he and the boys got into it.
Night all.


  1. Those boys are so cute in the wheelbarrel.

    Lori, most boarding barns out here have tiny individual turnouts. I can't stand it - it's like veal. Most of Stellar's are 12x24 - smaller than your stalls. There are a few larger group turnouts, and we were able to get Elvis in one. It's a decent size, but it's not like his 25 acre pasture for 3 at Jan's.

  2. sweet light
    sweet boys
    sweet horses
    sweet life
    @ Skoog Farm!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  3. A great post, as usual, Lori.

    The early darkness will be effecting my days for awhile too.

    Wishing you a wonderful Monday. :)

  4. Another beautiful day at the farm.
    The autumn colours are wonderful. Grace and Mustafa are so beautiful that one cannot think they are old.
    See you soon

  5. No place like home! Just finished catching up on the weekend via your journal. So sad to hear of Monika...

    Love your canal header.

  6. Those boys! So funny. And loved seeing Mustafa again and beautiful Grace.

  7. What lovely light in these shots! Fabulous skies, a gorgeous flower and such gorgeous horses!


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