Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 The beautiful sunrise....
 turned into a grey day.
 A drop in the temperature was on the way so the girls wore their heavy Rambos.
 The pups had on their fleeces and  I needed to wear gloves while I was doing chores.

 Got back in the house before 9, took a shower and headed down to chorus.

 Woody and I had the opportunity to play a lot today.  Greg joined us on bongos for one of the songs.
 When I got back to the farm I decided to make an apple pie.  At Wegmans they were selling to already made pie crusts in a box...and my intention was to make a turkey pot pie after Thanksgiving.  That didn't happen so I used them today.  They were already rolled out!
 Used 2 kinds of apples.  The yellow delicious from Sally and Ida Reds from Apple Creek Farm.
Sprinkled them with a shot of orange juice, then added the flour and sugar.
 Had too many, and heaped them on the bottom crust anyway.
 Fortunately the top crust was big enough to cover the mountain.
 Put a couple of dabs of butter on the top, made some slits (and hearts)....then sprinkled on a little sugar.
I wish you were here to help us eat it.  Delicious!  Doesn't it look old fashioned?
 My friend Madonna stopped in to pick up some mats Tina left for her yesterday.  We had tea, a fire and lots of conversation.

It rained...
It snowed....

Then late afternoon the sun came out!

 Cleaned up the kitchen and went out to do chores.
Pink sky.

 Tucked those babies in just before dark...now it was in the low 30s, with an expected low of 28.

Did not make dinner.  We went out and had pie for dessert when we got home.
 The Kitties and Pups like being by the fire as much as I do. 
 Sophie is the only one not happy in the house.  When I put her in, she makes a run for it as soon as the door opens.  Most of the time she is tucked in the kitty condo on the back porch.  Eventually she will be more comfortable.

Now, it's time for me to catch Rachel Crow on the X-Factor.  I wish they would just let the contestants sing without all the glitz, dancers and confusion.  It drives me nuts!
Night all.


  1. That apple pie does look delich! I love your header -- the way you have a nice big photo of something recent. I haven't been able to figure out how to do that...

  2. I love the fleece jacket on the pup. And that pie looks absolutely wonderful. Just the right brown. Good night.

  3. the pups look so cute in their fleeces!
    That golden tree in a spot of light!!!!

    OOOOO- Pie!

    TOO much beauty every day at SKOOG FARM-

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  4. Who says they don't bake...that's a yummy looking pie!

  5. Brrrrr.... looks like a raw, cold day - but, oh, that pie - that makes up for it! I can just imagine the smell as it was baking!

  6. Where is your snow? This must be late-Fall for you because green grass in "winter" doesn't go together so well.

    The pie looks yummy. Wish we could get reasonably priced apples.


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