Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 There was not a gorgeous sunrise this morning.  I did my thing....
 Lily was doing hers.
 Got back to the house before 9 and did a couple of my hair cut.

Turned the heat on in the Studio so it would be warm enough for class.

 Gary finished up the work that was left on the house.

At 3:30 I went across the street to let Dancer and Harley into their back pasture.  They are allowed on it for 1 hour.  There original paddock has now turned into a dry lot.
 When I got back home, Lily was hanging around Gary on the front porch.
 She kept him company for a long time ...would not leave him alone...a very loving kitty.
 By 4pm the sky was spectacular...
 Out to do chores at 5.

 Picked the pastures first...

 Then tucked the girls in for the night.
 Lily was waiting for me by the kitchen door.

Leftover pizza and a salad for dinner.

Look what's blooming again for about the 6th time!
Night all.


  1. Love the big yellow tree by your barn. :)

  2. Like how Lily was "helping" with the painting :-)

  3. You still have leaves! Not fair.

  4. That shot of the yellow tree is gorgeous.

  5. The tree picture is breath taking! Wow. Also, your banner picture is just adorable :)

  6. Lori, especially love the top two photos and that last sunny hibiscus.

  7. What kind of tree is that big gorgeous yellow thing??

  8. I just love the little black and white kitty. Your posts make me wish we could be cat people.

  9. A very nice picture on the banner.
    Here Le Cheval sits for riging exams. He has succeded in 2/3. The last 1/3 could not take place because the horse got fever because of a vaccine against pneumonia.
    I have not found English explanations for the riding exam and it's too technical for me to translate it. Hope once I'll find one. I can only say there are 3 parts : jumping, dressage and theory (He must know the name of the horse muscles, ligaments...)
    He is missing the dressage part. I hope he'll get it this week-end.
    See you soon

  10. Love that photo of Lily on the books. Dancer and Harley are so cute!

  11. Cats can be great "helpers"!! I think they catch us at moments like that because they think we are trapped, so have nothing better to do than love them! I mean, who wouldn't prefer loving on a cat to painting?!


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