Thursday, November 24, 2011


I'm tired!  But here's what my day was like.
 The sun made a comeback this morning and the temperature ended up at 51 (the wind made it feel cooler).

 All four cats were on the back porch.
 Fed the ponies, cleaned the stalls and checked them out....

 in the back pasture.

 How about the reflection in my "pond."

Back to the house to get things rolling for Thanksgiving dinner.
 The table was set.

 Made a centerpiece out of sage and grasses.
 Put the turkey in the oven and made some stuffing.
 Poached some pears (my debut)...
 and checked out the Bird of Paradise...gorgeous.

 Phoebe and Gucci kept me company in the kitchen.
 Of course there was a fire going all day and night.
 I watched the dog show this afternoon.  Did you?
 This sweet girl was best in show.  There are so many beautiful breeds.
 By late afternoon, the sun was streaming in the west windows.
 That meant it was chore time.
 Fed the girls and tucked them in post haste.

At 6pm Jenny and Pat arrived with yummy appetizers.
 These stuffed mushrooms were fabulous.  Thanks Pat!

 Starting at the lemon going clockwise....Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, squash, poached pears, cranberry orange relish, waldorf salad, roasted brussells sprouts and stuffing.  Such a delicious blend.

 As if we needed dessert.  Chocolate cream pie (Pat), pumpkin pie (Louise)....
 and raspberry pie (bought through a Twig sale).

 Kevin dropped the boys off around 8pm.
 They were busy "constructing."

 Finn and Jen played Sequence in front of the fire.  (Finn won).
 Everyone left by 9:30...Gary spent the next hour and a half doing dishes.
Don't we all have a lot to be thankful for?
Night all.


  1. what a beautiful day :) You spend time taking care of ponies, cats and dogs - just like me.
    Your table looks cosy.

  2. I'm full again, just looking at your pics!
    Beautiful light yesterday - esp. love pic 4, with the light streaming into barn.
    Happy Friday--

  3. Beautiful meals. It seems so good.
    Yes, I think we have a lot to be thankful for.
    It makes me think about the Phil Collins'song "Another day in paradise". Now we often hear it on the radio because it has been translated into French and it is played for an association who collects money to give food to those who need it in France.

    Yes, we are lucky.

    I have looked at HorseJunkiesUnited. It's so wonderful. I've sent the blog adress to a friend. I hope she will have time to see it.

    See you soon

  4. Your headers are more beautiful every time, Lori. And WOW to that reflection in your pond. The table looks so homely and festive. I would have loved to have a taste of pumpkin pie. never made it or tasted it! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Lori. Blessings, Jo

  5. Watching the dog show is our tradition, too! Food looks delicious.

  6. Ummm, yes we do have a lot to be thankful for. :)

    Those mushrooms look delicious...what a fantastic meal.


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