Friday, November 11, 2011


 The way the sun was coming into the kitchen, the morning looked pretty promising.

 But what about the temperature?  There was a brisk wind and it was in the 30s.  On went the blankets.

 Sidney has turned into a home body....
 After lunch the pups and I went down to Country Max to pick up some shavings.
 I had a raincheck at the last sale price so I packed 8 into my car and Gary put 12 in the van.  Should be set for awhile.

 Invited Sally up for dinner....Jill had chore duty.  I swear, it didn't get past the very low 40's today and with the wind it was a lot colder than that.
 Didn't have any flowers, so my centerpiece was made of two kinds of parsley.

 I had to use up some red and green sweet peppers so I made a bolognaise sauce starting with onions and leeks...adding a jar of sauce that Kelly F canned and gave to us.  Very different from ours.  Added some red wine, let it reduce a little and threw it on some penne.  Such full body!  Delish.  Served it right out of the pot.
 Attention Sara and Tim (Punkin's Patch):  Gary and Sally indulged in Kentucky's finest sippin' whiskey.  Just a little.
 Razzelberry pie for dessert.
 After dinner Gary told Sally about his yoga class and showed us some moves.  We both tried many of them and had a few laughs.  Really enjoy spending time with someone who is so interesting and such a good sport.  Lucky to have connected with Sally!
 She is going to be very good at this.
By the time she left, the moon was really showing off. 

Night all.

PS - There will be no new Kyd on the block tomorrow.  Still looking for one more horse (not for me) to keep these three company.


  1. Still looking for 1 more horse? That's exciting!

  2. I loved the yoga moves! And the moon is gorgeous!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello and see what was going on at my favorite farm out east!

  3. hmmm that sure looked like a delicious dish!

    And you can feel the warmth coming off off that first picture!

    Glad your are doing good!
    Big hugs

  4. Looks delicious friday night time for some spirits. Have a great weekend! Saun

  5. Brett and I had pasta with bolegnese sauce for dinner too. How funny! No peppers in out though - I have to hide them from Brett. I just love that header picture. It may be my all time favorite.

  6. brisk, berry pie, sippin a bit, 2 kindsa parsley and I'm in a bit of heaven at Skoog farm!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  7. Totally from left field, but I noticed that you have lots of different kinds of rugs throughout the house (I love that look) and you wear shoes inside. With that and all the animals do you shampoo them a lot? My husband hates shoes inside...I would rather not take my shoes off.

    Looks like cold is finally headed your way. We are supposed to have -20* by Monday.

  8. Hey I LOVE your header what cute little doggie butts.

    Your photos always take me to where you have been I love that. The sun is glorious. I sure would like some of that good food right now. Take care. B

  9. Love that header picture. Could they be any cuter? I don't think so.

    Getting cold here too on and off, even had a few flakes last night. Beautiful moon pictures too. One more horse? That's exciting.

  10. Another lovely day at Skoog Farm.

  11. I just love the first photo. It says morning...early morning. And, pass me a shot of that sippin' whiskey.

  12. Glad the Woodford Reserve has found a good home with Gary :-D.

  13. We were down in Washington DC, ogling that same gorgeous moon.


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