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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 What are all these people doing?  Yesterday was very special, as there was a ribbon cutting on Main Street to celebrate that fact that nearly two years of construction have finished and we have our village back.  As you can imagine, it had quite an impact on the shops and restaurants who tried to stay afloat even tho it was very difficult to get to their doors.  The work that was done improved things greatly.  We now have a designated bike lane, bump outs at crossings, a round about, an updated infrastructure, a wider street and very happy people.  Pretty soon it will be decorated for Christmas with twinkie lights in all the trees.  Come and visit!
Photos courtesy of Ray Duncan, Chair of the Walk Bike Committee.


  1. We went through the same exact process in our little village. Three roundabouts which were such an issue. Nobody wanted them. But they are great and the village looks so much better.

  2. A cause for celebration for all.

  3. All the improvements sound awesome and will be great for your community. Glad to hear it is all completed.

  4. Huzza, huzza! Well done, Brockport!


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