Sunday, November 20, 2011


 Look who was waiting on the back porch this morning.
 Lily and Sophie!
 Now I know they have found the snuggy basement and the food source.
 I don't want to think about them being cold in the winter.  There are beds down there under the hot water pipes...hopefully they will discover them.
 It was pretty mild when I did the chores...about 58.

 Finished cleaning the stalls before 9.  Set them up with water and hay for tonight.
 As the day went on, the temperature dropped and the wind got stronger.

 Lily knew right where to go.
 I had Gary put three sides on this huge drafting table (on the back porch) so the cats could lounge underneath and eat on the top away from the dogs.  It is very comfy.
 Late morning I went across the street to help Paula make a small paddock for Harley and Dancer so they don't have access to too much grass.  They totally ate down their front paddock in a couple of weeks and that was months ago.  A new pasture was created out back, but it's too big for minis.

 Was ready for lunch when I got home.  A tomato/cheddar panini, pretzels and some pickled beets.
 Was not very productive this afternoon.
Went out a little before 5 to do evening chores.
 It was now in the 30s with strong winds.
 Let them in the barn, put on their blankets (high 20s tonight) and tucked them in for the night.
 Sauteed onions, mushrooms and tomatoes...
 Whipped up some eggs...and put it altogether.
 a side of homefries which I started in a frying pan, dumped in another pie plate and put it into the oven next to the eggs.  Everything was finished at the same time.  Usually I do the potatoes on the stove, but they browned beautifully in the oven and I would do that again.
Served it with English Muffins topped with homemade peach jam.  Some friends stopped over to get a pick up truck full of manure for their garden and we got the good end of the deal.
Night all.


  1. Lily looks like a little bobcat in that fence picture :-)

  2. We had cold rainy weather here today. You were much more productive than me --

  3. Those kitties want in! Some cold snowy day will Lori cave in? The magic 8 ball says Yes!

  4. I just love the care that's lavished on your animals, Lori. I'd gladly return in my next life as a pet (horse, cat,dog) on your farm. Love the quick supper dishes. I always enjoy a stroll through your home, thanks for sharing. Hope you're keeping warm. Blessings Jo

  5. the first photo is not a mirror?

  6. Nice plates. It makes me hungry.
    For the lunch, I prepared cabbage. It's the season.
    You banner picture is very beautiful.
    See you soon

  7. Love the creative way you cook. . .. but that yum-looking food and the manure note didn't sit so well together. hahaha.

  8. Whew.. glad it was the weather spiraling down and not someone's health. Your title had me worried.

    I had a stray kitty come knocking on my front door yesterday. Little black and white tuxedo by the looks of him/her. Ran pretty quick when the dogs met it nose to nose through the glass of the door.

  9. This post made me hungry! Your neighbor's minis are just adorable.

  10. Your cats are livin' large. Ours are still complaining ;-).

  11. Where is all your snow? When do you get enough to cover the ground? For some reason I thought it was by now, but each year my memory gets a little more foggy! :)

  12. You have some amazing photos on your blog. I have enjoyed reading through your posts. : )


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