Wednesday, April 27, 2011


News flash on the 5pm news.  A tornado watch until 10pm and a flood watch through tomorrow morning.  I actually broke out in a sweat today working outside in temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees.  Why is this weather so extreme?  I have asked that question a million times!

When I went out to the barn it was already 60 degrees.
A first for this season.
 Lots of sun and wind.  Maybe the pond in the pasture will start to disappear (until tonight, when we have heavy rain, hail and who knows what).  Great (5:47pm).  The weatherman just said we are going to have a wind advisory tomorrow with temperatures dropping.

The horses have been kept out of this pasture until things get back to normal.  The grass is as green as can be.
 Once again I put the hay in the back pasture.

 The ponies have not felt this kind of heat since last year!

 Gary was all set to start his deck in front of the tool/potting shed.

 After chores I took a shower and headed down to chorus.
 It was so hot there, Maryellen (director) took off her shoes and rolled up her pants!  Our rehearsal was outstanding.
 The building we rehearse in is right next to the Canal.  It was filled up for the season a couple of days ago...so full of water from all the rain, they won't be able to open it on May 1st.

So peaceful looking.

 Above, is the deck outside the room we practice in.  This Senior Center is a beautiful facility.

Home.  Lunch.  Outside.  We have a brush pick up in a few days, so we are trying to get everything out by the road.  We have a serious load.
 My piano playing cat kept me company while I cleared out a messy stand of bamboo.
 Gary made great progress on his deck (between meetings).
 The wind dried his clothes in under an hour.
It's almost 6pm.  In a few minutes we are supposed to get hit with some heavy rain plus.
I'll finish this later.

 At 6:20 we were hit with some pretty hard rain, so I went out and put the horses in. 
Torrential downpour.  I had to make sure the water moved away from the barn.
 Within 20 minutes it stopped.
 By 8, we were having a great sunset.  I hope that's the end of it, after all the warnings.

 Night all.


  1. Gosh, I hope you don't get anything too severe, Lori. Amazing how the weather can turn on a dime! Stay safe.

  2. We have had plenty of rain, and storms, and flooding...tonight, it is supposed to be 43 degrees.

  3. Ugly sky...looks like we're lucky this time...it's east of us!

    Crazy weather...with more to come.

    I was trying to figure where I'd go with four cats in a tornado.

  4. Our weather has been crazy as well. Rather insane actually. Tornado watches/warnings with high winds many days and incredibly heavy rains. An unpredictable winter has turned into an unpredictable spring.

  5. Beautiful photos on an ugly day.

  6. Auntie Em!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  7. Crazy weather. I sure hope you don't get a tornado or flooding. Scary stuff.
    Your banner shot is stunningly beautiful!

  8. I hope you're all OK, Lori. Great pictures of calm and then the storm! Have a good day. Jo

  9. Hi Lori, we got cold weather here! And I like it, kind of chilly. Supposed to thunderboomer all over town today. That last shot is a classic.


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