Thursday, February 10, 2011


If we can just get through this day, the temperature should start going up tomorrow.


Gary helped me with chores today.  I had to be ready to leave a little after 9.

(I decided to play with this photo).

Crabby are we?

Yes....I'm crabby too.

I was in the house before 9 and was just drying my hair, when Deb arrived.  Took the day off to go to Copy Town in Lima.  I was picking up some cards and Deb was working on her book.

The gallery needed more of my King Mustafa cards and I had some printed from photographs taken by our granddaughter..."The Cookie Collection."

This is how my favorite one looked after it was printed and before it was cut.

We got there right at 10am and did not leave until about 4.

Maria worked her magic, and before long she produced a proof of Deb's book (text and illustrations).


Around 1 we walked over to a local restaurant and had lunch.

Deb checked everything over to see if any corrections needed to be made.

The fare was delish!

We went home the back way.  Part of the time the road was covered with snow...the wind!

Tried to grab some shots through the car window.

When we pulled in the driveway, look who was there...and he did not have his camera.

As you can see by the sun, it was almost time for me to do evening chores.

I can't tell you how excited I was to go back out into the Arctic.

Of course I forgot to take pictures....But! here are a few examples from the "Cookie Collection."

So talented for 12!

Just had leftover pea soup and a toasted English muffin for dinner.  Now, I need a cupa tea.
Night all.


  1. Love the King Mustafa card!
    We are thawing out! Hope the warm temps come your way soon.

  2. The cards are gorgeous! My plan at some point is to print some of my own photos on card stock just to use for myself.

    Your photos are lovely. Especially those in partial shadow. Delish!

    Have an awesome day!

  3. Great cards Lori. The temps here are frigid too. I think if the temps go up over the weekend we won't know what to do with them or how to dress. Everyone says spring is coming and I'm sure it is but it sure doesn't feel like it again today.

  4. Your cards look fantastic! I have to say that I am a bit jealous of that lunch, it does look delish.


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