Monday, February 28, 2011


Earlier this week, the weather man said today it was supposed to reach 50 degrees.  Ha ha ha!  How about 36 with rain?????
 I sure am glad I did not change the horse's blankets!
 While the ponies were eating their grain, I put all the hay in nets so they could be out of the weather.
 King Mustafa was in the cozy run-in and his net was on the gate.  Where did PC and Abbe go?  Were they smart enough to stay under the shed roof?
 It started raining last night so a lot of the snow melted, creating a mess.
 The pigeons were bathing in the huge puddles.
 Eventually they all got situated.

 The driveway was in sight.
 So was a little bit of the lawn.
 Treacherous walking where there was water covered ice.
 The dogs were a MESS!
 How can cats stay so clean?

After chores I ran a couple of errands and picked up some glop to seal the outside of my drum.  Also made a couple of drum sticks with some dowels, fabric and yarn.  The sound was not nearly as good before they were covered.
 Now we can add dimension to our drum jam.
Late afternoon...I was getting the signal that it was almost time for chores.
 The library is so jammed up with all my stuff....saddle, bags, drums, computer, cards....blah blah blah.
But the kitties don't mind keeping me company...
  A nap in front of the fire sounded pretty good....

 Instead, I got my act together and went outside.  This was clearly the most beautiful part of the day.

 Got in after 6 and it was still light out....a good sign.
 Does our dinner look familiar?  Gary made a new fruit salad and we had leftovers.
Night all.


  1. So happy to see Seymour take center stage amid the pillows. Did he say, "My turn!"

    Beautiful light in the afternoon. Love the pictures.

  2. That weather does look like a yucky mess!

  3. I agree with Sally - it was fun to see Seymour where I expected to see Sidney! L'Orange is looking regal.
    That looks like threacherous footing for horse and human. Hope it dries out soon.

  4. I really like your pictures, they are gorgeous!

  5. I hope today is warmer for you, Lori. I love the sound of your office; all that stuff including the cats! Jo

  6. March the first Lori!!! Spring's nearly with us, thank goodness.


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