Saturday, February 5, 2011


Here goes!  The sunrise was beautiful....again.

Monsieur Marmalade prefers to sleep in the basement....just is not that hot for staying in the house for long periods of time.  When he heard me open the back door he came out on the porch and I brought him in.  That lasted for about 10 minutes.  He seems to be doing well and does not even act like he had surgery.

When I went out to the barn, it looked like this!

 Clear, mild(ish), no wind, bright....beautiful clouds.

 Barb went to a seminar this morning and Gary helped me with stalls.

Decided to try Mustafa out with the other horses.  He has been pretty good around them lately, so he did not spend his hour in the run-in.  It worked.

Decided to go to the bank and Wegmans before drumming, as Jen was going to bring the boys up at 4:30 so she could go to the gym.

Got to drumming a few minutes late.  Today (counting Khalid) there were 17 of us. ... the largest group since I started.  He was pretty pleased with us and we covered a lot of ground.

 Here is a short example.....

The weatherman said there was a storm warning for this afternoon starting at 1pm.  He was right!
By the time I got home it was snowing like crazy....kind of sleety.

 Fortunately, Barb came early to do evening chores.

 It was not all that cold, but the horses were getting covered with snow.

Jenny changed her mind about driving through these conditions, so she stayed home and I made a quick dinner.  Gary brought home some meatballs from FF last night, so I turned them into a stroganoff sauce and we had them on (what else) pasta.

Made a salad with marinated asparagus and toasted some leftover Italian bread.  Not bad for a 10 minute meal (we were going to have Chinese with the boys).

Now, we are going to hang out by the fire and watch a movie.
A cupa tea sounds good.
Night all.


  1. They sky photos are gorgeous, but that snow! Whew, it looks like a lot.

  2. Snow on top of snow! Same here, with more to come.

  3. Sometimes the weatherman is right, eh? Dinner looks good. I like the mailboxes- lots of character.

  4. Drumming is an interesting hobby for an oldie.(no offence meant)
    Sounds like a good thing to do in a snow storm.

  5. Oh my - the picture with the mailboxes! How wonderful. Put that in PhotoShopElements and add a cardinal, or a bunch of holly, and/or a red bow and you have an instant, gorgeous, Christmas card! Love it....and your life, as always.

  6. snow and ice here too, but haven't seen sunshine in over a week. It's just grey =(

    Love your sunrise photos makes me smile.

  7. Blue skies? I seem to remember those, but haven't seen them here lately.

    Beautiful photos -- even the snow/sleet. :)

  8. The east is getting a lot of snow this year...your photos capture it perfectly!

  9. You really captured the way a day can move from those beautiful skies to stormy snow!


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