Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When I went to bed last night it was snowing like crazy.  This morning it did not look all that bad.  We were supposed to get 15-22 inches of snow...got about 7.

After I let the dogs and kittens back in the house this morning, L'orange appeared from the basement, and ended up out in the horse barn.

Even tho we did a little shoveling first, chores were done quickly as Gary helped.  It started to snow before we were finished.

By the time I was ready to go in, Mustafa was ready to come out.


Sid and Seymour don't seem to mind the snow at all.

The temperature was supposed to go up to 30 today, but I don't think it did.

I did take the sheets off that were an extra layer the past couple of days.

Mustafa went down for a big roll, but I could not get my camera in gear until he was up and shaking.

Fred M. came up and plowed the rest of the driveway.  Fine with me.  The snow was much heavier today.

After lunch I drove my cards down to A Different Path Gallery.  They went on sale today.  We shall see what happens....

Then I went to the library to see if they had any decent films.  This was recommended to me and we will watch it tonight.  Spanish.

Home to the cozy fire.

Brought L'orange in to see how it would work out with the dogs.  Put him up on the dryer.
He stayed there...knew he was safe.

Then it started to snow again...just in time for me to go out and do evening chores.

Wham!  Bam!  Finished up in half an hour.
With the new snow, Gary was out there shoveling again...so I helped for a little while.

Then it was time for dinner (as in a fresh salad and leftover pasta).

Tasted just as good as it did the other night.

L'orange Marmalade was then taken down to the Animal Hospital, where he will be neutered in the morning.  After that, the dogs are just going to have to let him spend as much time as he wants in the house.  What a sweet boy...I hope he's not mad at me about now.

Enough for one day.  Night all.  Let's hope the crazy weather gives everyone a break very soon.


  1. Glad you didn't get too much snow, but it still looks like quite a bit.

  2. Hi Lori! So happy that L'Orange has made his way into the house...what a lovely little orange kitty! Tell him I hope he heals quickly!

    I was wondering-has Mustafa been a bully to the other horses? Is that why you are separating him for breakfast? You probably posted about it but I missed it!

    Hope you are all well!

  3. L'orange is such a nice cat. I think the dogs will adjust.

    Great surprise to have the storm go north of us!

  4. Glad the weather wasn't as bad as predicted. And good that L'orange is getting "tutored"!

  5. I'm glad L'Orange is making the big leap to indoor/outdoor kitty. I knew he was nice and warm in the basement, it's just the social step of house life I wondered about. He is a handsome cat.

    I'm glad you didn't get too much snow. We warmed up to 0 today, and might get into the low 30s tomorrow! Woo-wee, summer!

  6. I love orange cats. They by far have the best temperment. Hope he heals quickly.

    Glad you didn't get too much snow, and I'm glad you had help clearing it. Good luck with your notecards.

  7. I think all the animals are looking forward to a little warmer weather..

    Your meal looks delicious.....now I'm hungry again!!!! LOL

  8. Hello sweet horses and cats and dogs, so nice to see your faces each day. Glad the 'bigga' snow passed you by.

  9. Hi Lori---We arrived on Tuesday and it has been in the 80s each day---I'm so glad to keep up with Bkpt via your blog---sara

  10. Fingers crossed that all goes well with L'Orange. I'm glad he's going to be coming into the house. As you know by now, he's my favorite.

    We lucked out, too, and only got about four inches. There was actually more to shovel this morning than there was yesterday.

  11. Wow! So glad you did not get too much snow out of that storm. I was wondering how you had faired. We only had rain. It warmed up just enough to thaw out the first inch or so of ground. You know what that means....MUD. BLAH. That is why I like the snow so much. Better than rain and mud. Hope L'Orange is doing well today! He is so beautiful.

  12. Nice sunny pictures ! A little spring coming back before the date !


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