Wednesday, February 16, 2011


6:45 am


Good Morning!

 Lucky me!  This morning Barb stopped in and helped me with chores.  A bonus day!

 She came over to change King Mustafa's blanket.

 Our thermometer says it's 40 out there.  Hasn't changed much all day.

 I was actually ready to go into the house a little after 8:30.  Perfect....chorus today.

This is how my yucca plant looks.  Let's see what happens by Saturday.  How they push through the heavy snow, I will never know.

 Today, we were able to go through a LOT of music in chorus.  Actually did a few things right.

On the way home I had to drop off some cards at A Different Path Gallery.  This one of the lilies seems to be pretty popular.  Thanks friends, for supporting my new venture.  So far, they have gone to Colorado, North Carolina, California and to people in this area.

I'm very pleased!

While I was at the gallery, I could not resist taking some photographs of these prints.  They were produced by an artist from Colorado.  I love the technique used...the colors....everything.

The next time I need to buy someone a gift, I'm going to pick up one of these cutting boards.  I could do all of my shopping here.

When I got back to the farm, I cleaned out a couple of drawers and found some dried green peas.  Yep, I made another pot of soup.

Used up the rest of the ham I had frozen when I made the yellow pea soup last week.

An easy dinner, comin' up.

It was mild all day, but the sun did not show itself much until it was time to go out for evening chores.
L'orange emerged to experience the change in the weather.

Gucci could not get enough squirrel chasing....

Phoebe just watched.

Got my act together....

took one last shot of the light...

 and went out to the barn.

I put the ponies in a little later now that it is light longer.

Dinner?  I was in the mood for a different salad, so I grated some carrots, diced two apples, added some of our walnuts....did not have any raisins so I chopped up a few dried prunes.

Squeezed on some fresh lemon juice and added a little mayo.  Voila.

The pea soup with ham turned out great...lots of body.

Toasted some English muffins and put raspberry jam on them.

It's early...I'm done.
Night all.


  1. Good morning to you too! Beautiful skies. I hope it is a turning trend toward warmer temperatures. We're supposed to be in the 60's by the weekend but I'll believe it when I see/feel it.

  2. oh lori, those are simply spectacular! you are so good with your camera!

  3. The sky you see here was over the Sarah Desert at one time. Imagine that.

  4. Gorgeous skies and yes SPRING is slowly creeping in...every other day here...with a blast of ol' man winter to tell us...NOT SO FAST! ;-(

  5. Another busy day. It was in the 50's here today! Another warm day tomorrow then a cold blast in time for the weekend. Hmmm...

  6. Hey Lori---Having a great time in FL---Read your blog every day----Talked to Donna today and she is expecting Gina and family today----Fernie looks well---thanks for caring for her----Sara

  7. Hi Lori. I think pea and ham soup is one of the great tastes. They have it in Sweden with mustard (on Tuesdays I think).
    Regards, Mike and Ann.

  8. I love the donkey picture, I love your food, your soups, your ponies, everything.--Inger


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