Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is how it looked yesterday.

and here we are this morning.......


High winds, snow, freezin' and not very nice.

The ponies were back in their heavy Rambos.

We put King Mustafa in the run-in so the rest of the horses would eat their hay under the shed roof....

But no, they preferred to eat out in the wind.

Before I went in, Mustafa was put out with the others and they kept their butts to the wind most of the day.  Gary said they spent part of the time in the indoor.

Was not very productive.  Sat by the fire...watched Lidia on PBS...did a load of laundry...took a shower....

and went down to the college for drumming.  The driving conditions were terrible.

I realize how much the base drums add to an ensemble, and would love to get one someday.

                                         Here is how they sound, before the djembes join in.

I did not get home until after 4:30.  Not too interested in making a fancy dinner, so went for some homemade mac and cheese, peas and a salad.

The next time you make mac and cheese, saute some minced onions and add them to your cheese sauce.  Then throw in a teaspoon of dry mustard (or whatever mustard you have on hand).  Adds zip.  Some nice fresh ground pepper too.


Barb had chore duty...the conditions were getting worse by the minute.  Whiteouts....squalls....UGLY!

It's time for a cupa tea and the warmth of the fire.  Night all.


  1. Bless your heart! Just look on the bright, that snow is going to make your grass grow so wonderfully!

  2. Just stopping by to visit you makes me feel better. Love the roses, and I'm so happy to see L'Orange snuggling with the other kitties. Thanks for the tip about the beet pulp. I'll get some and add it to Silk's menu.

  3. Winter sure can be persistent, can't it? Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!!

  4. We have are currently having that nice weather, but I fear that another winter storm is just right around the corner before spring is officially here.

  5. When I saw the 1st photo with the green grass, I was jealous. Then I saw the other photos. Oh no!
    I always enjoy the drumming clips.
    It is raining here right now, which will get rid of the rest of the snow until next time.

  6. Crushingly disappointing re the snow :( It looked so pretty yesterday. It can't last much longer though.

  7. Oh,that looks really cold. That is so typical of horses to WANT to be in the cold! We don't ever have to blanket our horses..not even on the coldest winter night,in the part of S.A where we live! That mac'cheese looks delicious! I am so lazy today,I am hoping someone else is going to get hungry enough to make supper!


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