Sunday, February 13, 2011


Woke up earlier than usual and got ready to go out to do chores.

The first thing Seymour wanted, was a drink from the water trough...one of these days he will be swimming (hope he waits until summer).

Barb and I had chores done in a very short time.  Last night the sheets came off that were over the horse's blankets in preparation for the warmer temperatures.

 I did not even need to keep my jacket on...what a treat.  It may have hit 44 degrees today.

On the way back to the house, Sidney performed on the back of the utility trailer.  What a bunch of hams these cats are....

Gucci and Phoebe are much happier when it's not so cold.

We had a lunch date with Roger, Tina, Jack and Louise at a new restaurant that finally opened in Albion.  I posted pictures of it while they were still working on it.

It is called The Crooked Door (used to be 469).  Joe M. (the owner) has done a quality job and thought of all the things you could possibly want for this kind of business.

A cozy bar area....

flowers and plants everywhere from well wishers....

A light, yet mellow dining area facing the Canal (with a loft area upstairs)...

Stained glass windows (see the backwards 469 in the window below)?

We arrived early and had a chance to talk to the owner and staff.  I loved this rear view.

 Unfortunately I did not get a reasonable picture of Tina, Roger and Louise....but Jack and Gary were lookin' pretty good.

We all ordered pub style food.

Things like fish and chips...

a Reuben with onion straws...

Macaroni and cheese with lobster and a side salad...

some fancy chicken wrap...

Gary and Roger ordered Pot Roast sandwiches topped with carmalized onions and the picture was blurry.  Did we really need those fries and onion straws????  So weak when it comes to that!!!!

This is the back view of the Crooked Door (overlooking the Canal).

Home a little after 3.  Gary immediately went to his favorite chair in the living room, put his feet up on the stool and fell asleep under a blanket.  I chose the couch in the kitchen and took a nap as I waited for clothes to dry.  When I woke up, it was chore time and I was not energized.  Instead, I felt groggy (hate it when that happens).  Of course that outrageous lunch could not have had anything to do with it.

There was a lot of melting taking place all day.  When I finished with chores it was pretty dark...the paddock looked like this.... Those piles of snow should be gone in a couple of days.  50 by Friday.

Yogurt for dinner.  Time to fast.
Night all.


  1. Wonder why I always come away from your posts hungry. . . hmmmm.

  2. Mac and cheese with lobster! Could I have mine now, please?

  3. Great pictures of everything. Hope that kitty doesn't go for a swim until it's much warmer. The header picture of Gucci and Phoebe is just too adorable. Give them a hug from me for Valentine's Day.

  4. my callie cat does the same thing, i have no clue how they balance like that! sounds like you had a nice day with good friends, always the best, huh?

  5. Great pics of Seymour. We only have one restaurant to enjoy locally. Looks like you have some nice friends and choices of where to eat!

  6. Beautiful photography. I like what you have done and have been here only twice.

    I think you can be inspired to be even more creative if I give you this man's link to his photography in Japan where I lived in the Army as a young man and was, myself, introduced to cameras and photograph way back in 1953. His work is up to date and stuns me everytime I go there.

    You can spend hours here. Let me know if you do not come away totally inspired.


    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  7. Glad to see the snow thinning.

    Absolutely love the first picture!

  8. So glad you are getting some of the warmer weather! I spent yesterday picking the paddock. Some places that I had missed were finally thawed out! That food looks fantastic! What a treat.

  9. I love the interior of the restaurant and what a view it will have! I hope it is successful after all their hard work. Wow...looking ahead to 50 degrees. That's wonderful! I'd be happy with zero at this point. (It's be -30* at my house for two days now; -43* in town at the airport).


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