Friday, February 18, 2011


Did not need a heavy jacket this morning.  It was very mild when I went out to the barn.

The snow was disappearing pretty fast.

It was very grey....blah....

The wind was going to be a problem all day.

It was nice to see a little grass here and there (along with all the flooding).

L'orange snuck under a pile of hay and got "sprinkles" all over his head.
All the cats like to do that.

Before I was finished cleaning the stalls, the sun came out.

The temperature started to go up quickly.

Now look at Miss Yucca!

L'orange thought he was hiding from the dogs.

By noon, most of the snow was gone off the lawn and the outdoor arena looked like a big pond.

Hopefully, the wind was drying things out more quickly.

It sure kept the windmill turning.

That late afternoon sun was shining into the was getting closer to chore time.

Invited Jack and Louise over for dinner, so I had to get started.

Made a salad out of red cabbage, carrots, apples, craisins and walnuts.

The ponies were telling me to get out there....they were tired of standing in the wind.

All the melting made it difficult for the water to get absorbed.  More of the fields were flooded.

I had marinated some boneless pork all day.  Lots of onions.  Put it in the oven along with some sweet potatoes and went out to the barn.

Don't the ponies look beautiful?

Berlin is the only one that didn't roll, and her picture did not turn out well.

Got back to the house at sunset.

Gary had a nice fire going.

Instead of having appetizers, we had a cup of soup (split pea).

Dinner?  Pork with carmalized onions, sweet potatoes, green beans, red cabbage coleslaw and multi-grain rolls.

Before dessert, we took a time out to check out the moon.

I wish I had a more powerful camera.

This is the first time these three cats spent some time together.  Usually L'orange is the odd man out.


Finally we had dessert.  Ice cream with a homemade cherry sauce.

By then we were all yawning and Louise and Jack headed for home.
I am so tired!

Night all.


  1. What a wonderful day you had! I'm so glad you got to enjoy the sunshine - even if it was windy. Brett won't eat (visible) onions. I would've had to hide them - but it looks like a wonderful dinner to me!

  2. I love L'Orange!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


  3. OH!!! Darn, (I had the photo counted that I LOVED)..let me go back and count down to it again....
    22nd down from the the layers and colors and textures! ALl your photographs are lovely though ,lori!
    Is that your Valentine's bouquet? The Header. Fabulous!

    The second Bruce heard the song playing...he was in here right behind me enjoying Esperanza Spalding. she's from Portland and got the award for Best New Artist!

    He also loves your kitties and I noticed before I read...they were hanging TOGETHER...very sweet!

    I loved seeing the beutifully dirt ewncrusted ponies!
    Sunday...I am taking my first ride ever in a large group(all unknowns to us) am I crazy?? Well, I am looking forward to it- and after, I am taking Wa to see Pantz...gonna turn her out without her blanket...lets see if I may match you, with a mud caked pony !!

    See ya soon!

  4. Such a beautiful day!

    Hard to believe I'm watching big snow flakes slanting down at 2:33AM.

    I think by morning, you may have a skating rink instead of a pond.

    So enjoy all the pictures of your day...

  5. What a perfect day!

    I have remembered, this time, to tell you how much I love the roses.

    Green grass?? I need the recipe, ours is brown.

  6. My horses look just like yours. Why is it they love to roll in mud? Your guys look very proud of themselves. L'Orange looks right at home. So cute.

  7. Didn't it feel great yesterday? But the yard is a mud hole! Three dogs and mud don't mix! Now it's freezing! aarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!

  8. I'm glad to see that L'orange is fitting in with the other animals. That pork looks delicious, yum.


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