Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The roses Jenny brought us on Saturday are still going strong.  Love to see them when I get up in the morning.

Bright and crisp...maybe 10 degrees.

Chores went quickly this morning.  It's a good thing there was a decent amount of texture in the paddock, as underneath it was ice.

Even tho there was a lot of solar energy today, it never got above the low 20s.

That should change tomorrow.

Low 40s with 50 on Thursday and 55 on Friday!
I am really starting to think that Gucci and Phoebe know when it is class day.  Like two little kids looking out the window.

They know that their pal Tina is going to bring them a little treat.
  Today Sandy brought them something too!

My friend Brenda (x student, monthly dinner pal, married to Al...morning Al.... and outstanding watercolorist) sent Tina a picture of a recent watercolor she painted of  3 donkeys from Bedlam Farm.
Tina brought a print to share with us.  What a beautiful piece!

Mel framed his drawing of Rose...also from Bedlam Farm.

 They all got down to business.  First Tina worked on her Papier Mache Flower.

Sandy continued her pencil drawing of the three horses.

And Mel made a lot of progress on his colored pencil drawing of the buck.

While her flower petal was drying in front of the wood stove, Tina went back to her pastel drawing of Sandman.

After class, the sun was shining in our bedroom and I decided to go in and take a short nap.
Sidney beat me to it.

Then he and Gucci joined me on the bed.

After all, they were probably pooped.

Made a quick supper.  Basic winter salad.

 Crusty 7 grain bread.

Pasta with our homemade sauce.

Can't beat that comfort food.

Now it's time for me to leave for duplicate bridge.  Back tomorrow.

2 no trump!

Night all.


  1. Good art, good food and good cards - what more could a person want?

  2. I love the picture of the dogs looking out the window. So sweet. We have been in the 50's here for a few days. It has really been a nice break from the cold.

  3. Oh, those pictures of Sidney and Gucci are so sweet. There's a good deal of comfort in having a critter or two snoring along beside you when you take a nap.

  4. I have to confess that one of the reasons I planted tomato seeds in the greenhouse is because of your pasta sauce. It makes me drool every time you post a picture.

  5. I so enjoy the peeks into your day and would love to be at your table enjoying dinner at the end of it!!

  6. Good bid...wonder what your partner is holding!

  7. Love the donkey's. Nicely done. Totally lost me on the cards. Obviously no one taught me bridge. Hope you had a good time.

  8. It's warmed up here, and it's a swampy, muddy mess.
    Love the picture of Sidney on his back, and the one of the two "kids" looking out the window.

  9. Lovely roses--always perfect for Valentine's Day. I played duplicate bridge long ago--it always amazed me the variety of bids that could be made from the same hand. Hope you had fun. Mickie

  10. What beautiful artwork! Love those donkeys the best!

  11. Love the donks! Gucci and Phoebe are so cute looking out the window.


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