Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Monday, July 4, 2016

The Classic 4th Of July Celebration...

 After chores I got cleaned up and drove down to the Morgan Manning House for the annual 
4th of July celebration.
 This has been going on for decades.
 It opened with a community chorus directed by Liz Banner and put together especially for this event.  People of all ages who love to sing.
 I've never seen a bigger crowd.
 These are the chefs in waiting before they started grilling hots and hamburgers.
 Debbie and Mary Lynn were in charge of the popcorn.
 At 10:30 there was a short parade.  150 kids and many parents participated.
 The Pied Piper led us around the block.
 The Vice Mayor (Bill Andrews) and Mayor (Margay Blackman) were up front.
 Alicia Fink (past President of the Historical Society) worked very hard on this event.
 We have a new president at the State University of New York at Brockport.
Her name is Heidi and she is very interested in our community.
(She is the blond in the back and was part of the parade).
 We were in the parade too.
That's Mary on the left (Town Board with me), John LaPierre (Village Board), me, Kathy Kristanson (Village Board) and you must recognize Annie Crane (who ran for office with Mary and me and was later appointed to the Village Board).
Working together is on our agenda!
We played kazoos while we were marching.
 This is Joan Fenton.  She helped in many ways, but spent most of the day serving hot dogs.
 As you can see, there was a lot of spirit everywhere.

 There we are, bringing up the rear.
 Dan Hawkins did a great job hosting the festivities.
 Next on the agenda, was a performance by the Community band...directed by Shawn Halquist.
The participants ranged from 10 years old to mid 60s.  Parents, teachers, students, retirees and more.  It was a huge and very talented group.  I loved the mix.
 Look at all that brass!

 That's a lot of people!

 While the next band was setting up, I had to go get a hot dog.
 The final musical performance was made by the Brockport Big Band.
As usual, they were unbelievable!
 I believe this is the first time they have performed with a singer.  His name is Ben Monacelli and he just graduated from High School, headed for Ithaca College in September.
  I promise you, he is going to go places.  
On July 21st they will be playing at Summer Serenades.

David and Helen (David's Mom and our good friend) were there for the duration!
 Al and Brenda were there too.
 At 1:30, the kids were back on tap for the "Cake Walk."
Perfect weather and another outstanding community event.
 When I got home, Gary went down to help clean up the grounds.
He had spent much of the day pulling and hanging garlic.

A simple dinner.
Veggie stir fry...
 on rice.
 and yes, I had my usual side of bananas.
 Chores at 7.  The girls were waiting for me.

 I had to make a delivery to Jen's and still had to go to then it was after 8.
Ariana is arriving tomorrow and I wanted to make sure we had plenty of 
goodies available during her stay.
The sun was starting to set as I headed into Brockport.

By the time I left the store it was pitch dark!
Night all.


Stephen Andrew said...

What a wonderful community you live in! I always love seeing the celebrations. your 4th was much prettier than ours. It was cloudy all weekend except Saturday morning. Oh well at least I could still grill. Hard to believe it's already time for Ariana's visit again! I'm sure the goodies will be much appreciated!

thecrazysheeplady said...

How wonderful!

Dreaming said...

What fun! Makes me wish I had made the trek into town to be part of their celebration!