Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ho Hum...I guess it could be worse

We are back to having an awful lot of rain...nothing that compares with the fires in Colorado that are very close to two of my blogging buddies...."Dreaming" and "Mondance."  Well over 300 houses have burned to the ground and hundreds of animals are at the fairground...from chickens and horses to llamas and donkeys.  Such a tragedy.  How lucky are we?

 Around noon I went out to check on the ponies and they were soaked to the skin, still eating grass in the pasture.  Called them and and they vegged for the afternoon.
 A perfect afternoon to be inside playing bridge.  The only problem....sh--y cards from beginning to end.
 As soon as I got home, the girls were back out in the pasture.  How many times is this pond going to reappear??????  Cleaned the stalls (again) and reset things for tonight.
 I got a grill for Gary for father's day.  Our neighbor had to help get it out of the van and up on the back porch.  It will be like having a summer kitchen.  We have never had a gas grill so we have a lot to learn and will use it often.  I'm open to your favorite recipes/recommendations.
 Tonight he actually made dinner (inside).  Veggie burgers with onions and melted cheese, organic blue corn chips with salsa and sliced apple.  Tasted great!  I'll bet he starts cooking more now.

I was shocked around 6:30 when the sun came out.  The girls are ready to go back in pretty soon.

I decided to sell this utility trailer we have had sitting around since Gary's accident almost 3 years ago.  No more truck, no horse trailer, no hitch.  Time to unload.  Have to paint a for sale sign tomorrow and put it out by the road.  Ugly, but very useful for hauling everything from lawn tractors to hay.
 Guess I'll go take care of my tucking duties, they're staring at me.
Night all.

I'm back!!!!  When I went out to the barn, the sky was finally beautiful.

Lorrie, I think you will  be able to drive down the lane tomorrow.



  1. I have the same grill! It's infrared right? It's wonderful not having flare-ups. Oh I feel the same way, my heart is heavy thinking of all those beautiful homes and majestic trees burning down. It seems Colorado residents have taken caution and followed warnings, which I'm so happy to know.

  2. We have had every kind of weather here today--It is crazy, but our day is ending much like yours and about 10 degrees cooler!

    I'll be anxious to hear how you like your grill--I've never cooked on a gas grill!

  3. Thanks for the info on the newspapers Lori. Can't beat free. I haven't gotten real newspapers in years though. Hmmm. There's a good math problem -- How many subscriptions would I need to fill my stalls each month, and would it be still be cheaper than bedding??? Exactly how many pages of newspaper does it take to bed a stall?

  4. Hi Lori, How much do you want for the trailer? I could use a little trailer for hauling my carriages around. I drove to Hamlin tonight and you think you have a pond? Holy moly!! They have to kayak to their houses from the road!! The driveways are full and so are their yards! Feast or famine. Last year, no rain. This year....oh well. Have a great day!!

  5. My heart goes out to all in Colorado.
    It is finally not raining her and the sun is coming up haying is going to be very late this year so different than last year. Have a nice weekend. Hug B

  6. What a perfect gift for Gary! I can imagine all the great grilling photos we will get to see now. Did an cool apron come with it??


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