Saturday, May 31, 2008


Tonight my brother sent some pictures of their first grandchild...his name is Berke.  Mom and Dad are Katie (our niece) and Greg. They went to Florida recently, and as you can see, he loved the water.  He is only 6 months old!  I'm impressed....


  1. Ha! Even your family is good lookin'! Congratulations on your great-nephew!

    My son and girlfriend are coming to spend the weekend tonight. Now I can see for myself that he is in good shape.

    As far as politics is concerned, I couldn't agree with you more. I have followed this election much more closely than any in the past, but I cannot believe it has gone on for so long and in such a manner. We must look like lunatics. I agree that all the primaries should be held concurrently. Then candidates would not drop out for lack of money. Also, all those campaign contributions are impressive, but there are schools and clinics and cool farms in western New York that could benefit so much more than television networks and consultants.

  2. That baby is gorgeous!!!
    I also love the new song Lori!!!


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