Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Rebel Has Landed.....

 After chores Karen and I went out to the arena to readjust a gate and
the girls came out to look for apples.  Phoebe and little Wonder were too,
and because she can't hear anymore, was not aware of the horses running 
and she got chased.  She escaped, but hurt her foot in the process and now she
is gimpy.  She looked pretty sad when I got back to the porch.
 At 11 I met Karen (running for County Legislature) and Mary
(my running mate for Town Board) at a Senior living facility
to do a little campaigning.  Right when I arrived the skies opened
up and it's a good thing I had an umbrella.  We were supposed to
meet out on this patio.....no such luck.

 It was important for me to leave by noon as Mary H. was picking me
up at 12:30 (with her horse trailer) so we could head out to Forrestel
Farm.  Fortunately it stopped raining and we did not get the
severe thunderstorm that was predicted.  That would have been terrible.
 Mary was also picking up another horse for a mutual friend that lives near here.
So this time Rebel had company.
 I can't say enough about Kat F., who runs the camp and takes such good care of the
60 horses there.
 The cutie in the red halter is Lexi.  We dropped her off at the 
Renaissance Equestrian Center and 10 minutes later we were home.
As soon as I put Rebel in the pasture...he knew where he was a whinnied to the girls.
 They were pretty excited and he did not like it when they were out of sight.

 Needless to say, there was a quite a bit of excitement going on.

 Eventually they settled down and I went back in the house....
 until evening chores.
I put the girls in first and then opened his gate to see if he remembered
where his stall was.
He did.

 After he finished his grain he rolled in the shavings two times.
 Now they are all tucked in and can start getting back in their groove.
I think Berlin is especially happy to have her boy back across from her stall.

 We had lots of veggies for dinner.
 BBQued Beans
 and fried green tomatoes.

I'm tired.
Night all.


  1. Rebel looks like he is home again.What a great facility when he was away, and all your girls will have his wonderful company again.Hope Phoebe and LW are AOK now.

  2. Yeah! Rebel's back. He looks like he's enjoying being back with his girls and you and the pups. Have fun with him, he's such a good boy.


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