The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Sunday, August 4, 2019

Oak Orchard...

Great weather today....

 After chores I grabbed a quick shower and went down to 
the farm market....bought tomatoes and peaches.
 I also dropped off some handouts at the voter registration booth 
manned by friends from Clarkson.  Mary and I are just at the 
beginning of campaign season.
 From there, I went over to Oak Orchard for a Food Truck Rodeo and
Community Health Fair.  Gary is now head of the Board of Directors
and has been very busy supporting events like this.
Our friend Shaina's food truck was there.
We always like to indulge in her healthy menu.
 Jimmy Z. opened a restaurant many years ago and has the corner
on "garbage plates" in Brockport.  The community as well
as the college kids keep him busy.
 There were 14 vendors...
 and Lugia's ice cream was there.

 Food vouchers were given to the first 50 people and they were lined up before noon.

 A mounted officer was there from the Sheriff's Department
and everyone stopped to talk to him and pet the horse.
 The Bookmobile (from our local High School) was also there.
This was started by students and they take the bus to
various neighborhoods to keep kids reading all summer.
 Healthy trash plates.
 Seating?  While eating?  They had buckets from Lowes turned upside down.
Worked very well!
 As per usual, the College President, Heidi Macpherson, and her husband Allan
were there supporting the event.  The most community minded President ever.

 Alicia and Herb Fink arrived with Eugenia and I was very
pleased that Alicia was wearing our campaign t-shirt.
Always a great supporter.

 Gary is here with some of the Oak Orchard Staff.

 I got back to the farm a little after 1 and was so tired.
Relistened to the last chapter of my book and took a nap.
 Chore duty tonight.

 We were not hungry so we just had a cup of the chicken soup
 I made the other day with some crackers.
Now it's getting late....and the house is nice and cool.
Night all.

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