The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Thursday, August 8, 2019

Higher Ground....

A weird day.
It was so humid when I went out to the barn....
and it wasn't even that hot.

 After chores I started mowing the lawn and at 10, left for Agape.
I felt like I was not running on all my cylinders but went on
the elliptical, treadmill and bike.
Left a little after 11 and BAM!  The predicted severe thunderstorm hit!
I could hardly see driving home.
It did slow down by the time I got to the farm, but lightning and 60mph
winds were in the area so I put the girls in the barn.
Of course the rain was only moderate by then.

This afternoon Greg K. stopped up for some garlic.
 By then it had stopped raining, I put the girls outside
and got back on the lawn tractor to finish mowing.

 We are going to have some honkin' tomatoes.

 Summer Serenades was moved to St. Lukes as the weather 
was totally unpredictable.

 Sweet Sara wore one of our t-shirts so we were twinzies.

 Gary introduced the band and made a few announcements.
"Higher Ground" was playing.
Cool jazz.

Of course by 8:15 we were not interested in making dinner.
I walked over to Mark's Pizza and ordered one for Gary to bring home
after they packed up the band.
 The sky looked like there was still potential for some serious weather.
Night all.

This next section is just a reflection of what I am listening to while posting this.
I am a real Doo Wop fan and just discovered all these old songs that were in
my iTunes folder from years ago.  I wish I could play them all for you.
When I was in High School and College I spent a lot of time dancing and singing...
know the words to all of these.  Do you recognize any of them?

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  1. The last one was familiar, love the twins outfits, from tops to pants to shoes!!!those bedding dahlias are so beautiful.


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