The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Saturday, August 3, 2019


Spent the entire day at home for a change.

 Had a meeting after chores, ate lunch and finished listening to a book.
(I woke up at 5 when a honkin' ginormous piece of equipment drove in to start picking up 
beans in the fields next to our yard... and could not get back to sleep).  
I think I have to relisten to the last chapter as I was dozing by the end.

 Jenny, Scott, Finn and Coop brought up a truckload of wood that has
been in Jenny's yard for over a year (when two trees were cut down).

 I took photos, everyone else did the heavy lifting.

 By the time this gets split (and the rest is brought to the farm) we won't
have to order anymore wood for this winter.
 Chore duty tonight.

 Tucked the girls in and
 went back to the house to make dinner.
 A friend (Chet Fery....the "Breadman") brought up some homemade pirogies
as he went to the concert Thursday night, loved it, and wanted Gary to know
how much he is appreciated for bringing music to Brockport.
I have told you about Chet before.  He has been making bread and giving it away
for many years as an act of kindness.  He has become so popular with his
 "Breadtime Stories" he has two or three bookings a week!  A real gift to
our community.
 I fried them with onions...
made a salad with greens, cottage cheese, fresh peaches, bananas and walnuts.
May sound weird, but we top it with Catalina dressing.  Delish.
The greens and beans came from our friend's garden.
 (We also had a couple leftover meatballs.)
Night all.

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  1. Love the new photo, and everything is good for the winter next season. Big rounds to split, hope someone has a big log splitter ( petrol or electric) and you do not have to do it with an axe.!!


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