Friday, May 12, 2017

Running From Morning 'Til Night

I went out to do chores earlier than usual....

 as I had to get cleaned  up and be at the ribbon cutting/grand opening
for "Runnings" by 8:45. The Town Supervisor and I were there along with the Mayor, a Village Trustee and several representatives from the Chamber of Commerce.  There are several of these located around the country, and I was very impressed with the owners (from Minnesota).
This building has been empty for over a decade and we are very happy to have it back in business.

 I was home around 10.

 At 4, Mary (my Town Board partner) and I went to the Town Park to clean the snack bar.
Concessions are sold there during the baseball/soccer seasons and we are trying to get boosters and service clubs to work several of the dates to raise funds for their organizations.
Just another one of our brilliant ideas that involves some elbow grease.

 In spite of all the rain, the baseball fields were in pretty good shape.
 We worked hard for two hours and it is just about ready to roll.
The floor needs a good mopping with some bleach.

 I had chore duty tonight.
 All the horses were clean except for Maggie.

 Tucked them in with the help of my trusty dogs.

 Dinner was leftover pasta and a cucumber/tomato salad.
 Around 7:45 I arrived at A Different Path Gallery for an art opening.
 The Brockport Artists' Guild.

 The place was packed.
 Len was thrilled to get an honorable mention for his painting.

 I had the opportunity to talk to many friends before I left for one of the Low Bridge High Water Events being held next to the Welcome Center/Canal.
Margay (Village Mayor) and Hanny (good pal) were collecting tickets at the entrance.
 All I wanted to do was a little photo shoot,
 so I had to be escorted by one of the security people.
 This was a Craft Beer event and a gazillion breweries were represented.
 There were hundreds of people there and I didn't know a soul.

 The band was great.

 I got back to the farm around 10, ready to crawl into bed...
but no!  Here I am.
Night all.


  1. " Mr Clean " could that label be wrong by any chance? No wonder you have had such a busy day, that there is every possibility that you are VERY tired. Looked like a great event, and good music.

  2. Where do you find the energy? No wonder you're tired,whew!

  3. You are one busy woman! That event does look like a great time.


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