Friday, May 26, 2017


A very grey day.

 Now for the outrageous part.
Tonight we went out to Ron and Ann's to have our monthly dinner
with them, Brenda and Al.
 Ann wanted to experiment with some appetizers.
We started off with little bowls of carrot soup...
 (there were Parmesan chips which we used for dipping).

 She also made lettuce leaves stuffed with chopped pears and nuts.
 As if that was not enough, she also made a small pizza with a cauliflower crust.
Brenda can't eat anything with gluten, so this was perfect for her.  Tasted great.
 I made the salad....
romaine, apples, craisins, golden raisins, candied walnuts, chives and extra sharp cheddar cheese.
The homemade dressing - oil/vinegar/maple syrup and honey mustard.

 Ann made a German stew full of beef and vegetables
(amazing flavor) served over noodles.
 Brenda baked a cherry pie served ala mode.
What a meal!
Night all.


  1. Wow, food galore and so yummy. Looked like the doggies had a wet time outside. The hostas surrounded by dark bark or mulch, what a wonderful way to show off those gorgeous leaves. A friend of mine did a whole wall hanging with one hosta leaf, enlarged and printed onto fabric. it was amazing.

  2. Wow, that GF pizza looked amazing. I wonder where she got the recipe?

  3. Wow that is some meal which takes considerable preparation too! Looks fantastic.


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