Sunday, May 7, 2017

Nap Time

I am in need of some sunshine.

 What a mucky mess.
 I tried to get a lot accomplished this morning as we had to do some work on our upcoming performance at our Sunday Jam.  Scott, Jenny and the boys were coming to dinner.
I started by making some rhubarb Betty.

 Once again it was very cold outside so we had a fire going all day in the kitchen.
I set the table, carved a ham for grilling and
got down to the gallery a little before 1.
Katherine had hung a new show with works by members of the Brockport Artists Guild
(which will have an opening Friday night).
This piece is by Len, one of my students.  Do you recognize it?
After a very long and different session, I finally got back to the farm at 5!  Gary had already put the potatoes in the oven and I quickly made a salad and a brown sugar/ mustard glaze for the ham (which he grilled).
I had chore duty and went out before everyone arrived.
Little Wonder found a piece of rhubarb and was carrying it around.
Fortunately he did not want to eat it.

 Phoebe would never do that and probably thinks he has weird taste buds.

 We were eating by 7....

 A very simple meal.

 Finn, Coop and Scott had brownies for dessert and the rest of us enjoyed the rhubarb betty.
 We all had some pretty interesting stories to tell.
 Before they left, it was picture taking time
 and it was not easy
 to get them to cooperate
 all at the same time.

 Oh well!
It's nice to have Steph home and we had a lot of laughs.
Night all.

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