Friday, May 5, 2017

Bring On The Ark!

It was sprinkling when I went out to the barn and the rain kept going all day long.

 The girls toughed it out though.  They preferred grass and rain to a cozy shelter.
 After chores I put the wet dogs in the house, grabbed an umbrella
and went back out to cut a basket full of tulips.
 Tomorrow a memorial service is being held for a very close friend of Stephanie's, that our whole family has know since they were kids.  I volunteered to create some flower arrangements for the tables.  As soon as they were in the house (which was much warmer than outside) they started opening up.
 Nothing fancy.  Just put them in quart jars.

 We transported them in a box and 3 baskets.
 Of course it was pouring when we loaded up Gary's van.
 The reception will be held at the Lodge on the Canal (formerly called The Center).
 In a little over an hour we had everything set up.
 Many thanks to Pat, Mike and Dan Corbin (Theresa's family) for all their help
and to Ann and Stephanie for getting this whole thing organized.

 On the way back to the farm, there was fog down to the road.

 Gary and I (especially Gary) spent hours cleaning the house
and at 11:30 Jenny and I will be going to Buffalo to pick Steph up at the airport.
When the our grandkids visit,  they take that same flight and get in at 1am.
I hope the weather cooperates.

 Once again, Phoebe and Little Wonder had to spend a lot of time in the house.
 This afternoon I was going to give up and put the horses in.  When I looked out toward the barn
I was shocked that they had the brains to stand under the shed roof.
It. was. pouring!!!!

 Finally there was a minor break in the weather.

 Just a light sprinkle.

 Karen had chore duty and I decided to treat Gary to a take out dinner.
 I needed to get gas for my car, so we drove down to the village and stopped
at 58 Main.
 Both dogs love to ride in the car and get very excited if I ask them to go with me.
 Now we have all eaten and it's time to get cleaned up.
Night all.


  1. The tulips look beautiful. That was nice of you to do for the memorial. Hope the weather cooperates for you tonight. It's been pouring here all day and the fog is miserable.

  2. I'm sorry about the loss of a long-time friend. The arrangements are lovely and I know will lift the spirits of those at the service. I hope the weather improves for you - That will help as well.


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